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Killed by the mini-commando with rifle and pistol and set on fire: the 3 brothers-in-law arrested

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Killed by the mini-commando with rifle and pistol and set on fire: the 3 brothers-in-law arrested

Carried out the investigation into the murder of Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour, 44, which took place near Vigevano. Accused are two brothers, Massimo and Claudio Rondinelli, and the companion of one of their sisters, Luigi D’Alessandro

They unloaded on him three shots from a shotgun 12 gauge and one from a pistol 9 caliber. Then they had given fire to the bodyloaded onto an abandoned car in a wooded area in the province of Pavia. It’s the dynamics of the murder of Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour, 44 years old, Egyptian. It was an ambush organized and executed by a mini-commando now in jail. The arrested are two brothers, Massimo e Claudio Swallowse Luigi D’Alessandrocompanion of one of their sisters. The crime took place on 11 January a Morsel of Vigevano. The investigation was conducted by the investigative unit of Pavia through the use of telephone and telematic interceptions (defined as “crucial for verifying the validity of the statements made by people informed about the facts”) crossed with various testimonies. The investigations were coordinated by the prosecutor Fabius Napoleon and by the substitute Andrea Zanoncelli.

According to the reconstruction of the carabinieri, Mansour had had a daughter with another sister of the arrested. The 44-year-old lived in fact in a shed industrialonce used for agricultural purposes, a Cassolnovoalways in the area. After killing him the three – according to the reconstruction of the investigators – have cleaned up the whole environment, they loaded the body into the victim’s car and set it all on fire. Mansour would have been killed because he wanted the family to put the property in his name to ask for custody of the daughter he had with one of the sisters when she was fifteen years old.

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The Egyptian Consulate, according to what the agency has learned LaPresse, requested the return of the body on behalf of Mansour’s parents. Mansour’s daughter, who is now 5 years old, is currently in a community, while her mother is unrelated to the investigation and would have rebuilt her life for some time. Ibrahim Mansour’s family is represented in Italy by the lawyer Fabio Eugenio Santopietro of the Court of Pavia which asked to obtain a copy of the results of the autopsy ordered in recent weeks. To contact the lawyer also the Islamic community del Pavese, through Mansour’s uncle. During the day, other interrogations and witnesses heard summary information were held to understand the context in which the murder took place. Among the hypotheses explored was that Ibrahim Mansour had advanced the claim to have one or more properties registered in his name to obtain custody of the child or threatened to take her away with him.

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