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Lamezia, new ophthalmological equipment arrives for the solidarity clinic

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Lamezia, new ophthalmological equipment arrives for the solidarity clinic

The solidarity clinic “Last first” Odv in Lamezia Terme has recently acquired new instrumentation for their ophthalmology department, thanks to regional funding. Dr. Michele Sergi, an ophthalmologist at the clinic, explained that the new devices have four automated functions for measuring refraction, astigmatism, eye pressure, and corneal thickness. The clinic now boasts a TopCon Model KR800 for refraction measurements and a Model CT1P for eye pressure and corneal thickness.

Nicolino Panedigrano, the president of the solidarity clinic, expressed his satisfaction with the new equipment, stating that it puts the clinic on par with other modern healthcare facilities. The clinic, which is run entirely by volunteer doctors and nurses, aims to provide essential healthcare services to marginalized individuals in the community.

The clinic’s management has always been focused on creating a healthcare environment that is up-to-date and accessible to all. The primary goal is to reduce the vulnerability of marginalized individuals by providing them with access to necessary healthcare services. The clinic’s activities are part of the “Missione Sanità” project, overseen by Dr. Graziella Catozza, and funded through CTS ADP funds.

The solidarity clinic serves as a crucial resource for those experiencing material and social poverty in the community, offering essential healthcare services and support. The new ophthalmology equipment is just one example of the clinic’s commitment to providing high-quality care to those in need.

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