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L’Aquila, avalanche on Mount Sirente engulfs 5 hikers: one is dead

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L’Aquila, avalanche on Mount Sirente engulfs 5 hikers: one is dead

An avalanche broke out on Mount Sirente, in the municipality of Secinaro, in the province of L’Aquila, overwhelming five hikers and one ski mountaineer died. The victim’s trip companions called for help.

The Helicopter Rescue Service was immediately sent to the scene shortly after 4pm. The CNSAS technician present on board, once winched at the point, immediately identified the victim but unfortunately the conditions immediately appeared critical and the doctor present on board the helicopter, who in the meantime had disembarked on site, could not help but note death.

The recovery operations of the body and of the trip companions by land are underway by the technicians of the Abruzzo Alpine and Speleological Rescue and the men of the Financial Police Alpine Rescue. The details of the deceased are not yet known.

The tragedy occurred along the Maiori canal (within Monte Sirente-Velino, the third highest mountain massif in the continental Apennines after Gran Sasso and Maiella, located in the central Abruzzo Apennines), a great classic of the Apennines, one of the most appreciated and well-known ski mountaineering areas in Abruzzo. Beautiful and challenging, it requires good technique and safe snow conditions. In fact, the threat of possible avalanches and the large cornices that edge the crest at the head of the canal looms over the entire itinerary.

“There was an avalanche warning in a canal. An area frequented by skiers and mountaineers also in this period. The time was too late because such activities are usually carried out in the early morning.” This is what one of the Alpine Rescue rescuers said who went to the site, in the area called La Neviera, on Mount Sirente on the internal side, the one that overlooks the valley and therefore not the area of ​​the Altopiano delle Rocche.

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