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Larissa Rieß: “I see migraines positively” / In an interview with “Apotheken Umschau” …

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Larissa Rieß: “I see migraines positively” / In an interview with “Apotheken Umschau” …

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Migraine is techno – at least when it comes to Larissa Rieß. She experiences her headaches, which she has suffered from since she was a child “a very aggressive kind of techno that pulsates strongly”. You have to know: The 35-year-old lays as DJ Lari Luke in clubs and at festivals – and loves techno. “I associate a lot of positive things with music, but since I’m also trying to see migraines as something positive, that’s fitting,” explains Rieß, who is touring through Germany and Austria this summer, in an interview with the health magazine “Apotheken Umschau”.

Structure in everyday life helps against migraines

Since Riess has known that she has migraines – and not headaches, as she thought for a long time – she has brought structure to her everyday life. She experiences that positively. “The migraine has spurred me on to live much more consciously, to take care of myself. I think it’s my body saying: Stop, that’s too much.” Rieß aka DJ Lari Luke lives with her family in Heidelberg and is also Radio host, actress, comedian and publishes her own music. “I’m someone who does many things at the same time, I like doing that. But I think there’s a system in me that says: Now put work away, rest, walk the dog. I also have mine I’ve changed my eating habits, I cook healthy and always eat at the same times.”

Find triggers in a migraine diary

Through a migraine diary, Riess found out what caused her illness: it often is stress or periods. If she then feels that the headache is starting, she stays at home and takes triptans, special painkillers for migraines, which also work against side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to noise and light. Incidentally, Riess had never had a migraine before appearing as a DJ.“As Lari Luke, I’m nervous but not stressed. I feel a healthy excitement, I want to get out, that’s nice. Maybe that’s why I’ve never had migraines back then.”

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