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Launch of the PD app, “the revolution of the century” that never happened

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The history of innovation is not just made up of successes. In Italy it is often made up of bombastic announcements which then turn out to be something else. Every now and then this Almanac has dealt with it and will deal with it, not to rage, but because remembering is always important, maybe it can help us not to repeat the same mistakes. And in short, on 27 July 2019 it was the turn of the deputy of the PD Francesco Boccia to explain to the newspapers what the secretary Nicola ZIngaretti meant the day before when he spoke of “party in your pocket” thanks to a new app.

“The idea – said Boccia – is to permanently network the community of militants and members of the Democratic Party. There will be a platform to which we will all be connected through an app. It will be a glass house, open source, transparent unlike of Rousseau. You will be able to see everything that is happening from the outside. It will be a place for consultation, participation, also very useful for club secretaries. our sympathizers to express an opinion …

We are convinced that this can be an instrument of knowledge, it can help us take ‘a dip in the country’ as the secretary asked us. The platform can be an extraordinary tool of democratic participation, of a modern militancy. It will represent a kind of digital flyer. Without replacing the real meeting between people “. The goal, Boccia always said,” is to become ourselves a great social network. And it will be possible to share the interventions on traditional social networks “. Finally, gamification could not be missing, “a sort of civic competition, the more you signal the more your credibility in the community grows”. The PA app will be presented by Zingaretti, as planned, at the end of September. Slogan “You are worth you”, democratic version of “one is worth one”. That day Boccia will say: “It’s the revolution of the century. I tell myself this, but I’m too proud of what we have done.” Since then, however, its traces have been lost.

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