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Lawsuit against Astrazeneca: Corona vaccination damage in court

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Lawsuit against Astrazeneca: Corona vaccination damage in court

The legal processing of the corona pandemic has reached a particularly sensitive point almost three and a half years after the outbreak of the infectious disease: It is about claims for damages and compensation for possible health damage caused by a vaccination against Covid 19. From Hamburg to Mainz to Munich there are civil courts with drug liability processes against manufacturers of corona vaccines. The number of lawsuits throughout Germany is estimated at just over 200. So there can be no talk of mass procedures at the moment, especially considering that almost 64 million people in Germany have received at least one dose of vaccination, according to the Federal Ministry of Health.

However, those suing for suspected vaccine damage have been hit hard. According to their lawyers, many of the clients are unable to work or have severe professional limitations and have to live with severe health problems – presumably in the long term.

This also applies to the plaintiff, whose case will be decided by the Bamberg Higher Regional Court this Monday. If a verdict is announced, it would be the first nationwide in an appeal process for suspected corona vaccine damage. In general, it is one of the first court cases in which a judgment has already been reached. At the beginning of January, the Hof district court dismissed the lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca (Az: 15 O 22/21). A claim for damages or compensation for pain and suffering is “out of the question from a legal point of view,” the chamber ruled.

Lawsuit against Astrazeneca

The plaintiff does not want to accept that. She is demanding compensation of at least 250,000 euros and damages of 17,200 euros from Astrazeneca. In addition, the pharmaceutical company must compensate her for future damage up to a maximum liability of 600,000 euros. While the plaintiff is still fighting for payments in court, according to her lawyer, she has already successfully applied for benefits under the Infection Protection Act to the “Berliner Zeitung”. The responsible Bavarian office awarded the 32-year-old client, who used to work as an IT employee, 283 euros a month. The examination of her case showed that she had suffered damage to her health as a result of the corona vaccination.

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The woman was vaccinated on March 10, 2021 with the Astrazeneca preparation “Vaxzevria”. Vaxzevria has had standard approval since October 2022, but the vaccine has not been used in Germany since December 1, 2021. On April 1, 2021, the Standing Committee on Vaccination recommended that people under the age of 60 who have already received a first dose of Vaxzevria should be given another vaccine. The reason given was “the increased risk of thromboembolic events”, which occasionally occurred in those under 60 years of age who had been vaccinated with Vaxzevria.

The plaintiff took sick leave one day after the vaccination because of fever, headache and body aches. Ten days later, she developed severe abdominal pain. In the hospital, an intestinal vein thrombosis was diagnosed. Three meters of intestine had to be removed. The plaintiff was in a coma for several days and required invasive ventilation. Since then, the woman has been severely restricted in her everyday life and also professionally. She suffers from pain and depression.

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