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Lazio-Juventus, the second leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final live 1-2: goal from Milik – breaking latest news

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Lazio-Juventus, the second leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final live 1-2: goal from Milik – breaking latest news

10.45pm – Juve regained confidence, 86′

After Milik’s goal, Juventus seems to have freed itself from fears and fears, continues to attack Allegri’s team (decisive with the substitutions) who now see the final

10.43pm – Juventus goal, 83′

Milik scored, as he did well to return the shot of new substitute Weah into the goal two steps from Mandas

10.41pm – Double substitution for Tudor, 80′

Cataldi and Castellanos leave (absolute protagonist with a brace), Tudor relies on Rovella and Immobile

10.39pm – Luis Alberto tries, 77′

Lazio still dangerous, Luis Alberto loads the right foot from the edge but Perin saves without problems

10.35pm – Juve nervous, 75′

Juve keeps the ball, Lazio attacks although not at the same frenetic pace as before. The body language of Allegri’s players is not encouraging, as they seem very nervous

10.32pm – Cambia Allegri, 70′

Cambiaso out, Weah in

10.27pm – Vlahovic again, 68′

Header from Kostic’s cross by Vlahovic but Romagnoli removes the threat

10.25pm ​​- Castellanos constant threat, 65′

Castellanos is always dangerous, having his best night so far with the Lazio shirt: long ball and another header in the area, however blocked by Bremer

10.23pm – Felipe Anderson out, 62′

Another change for Tudor, who recalls Felipe Anderson to the bench. In his place is Vecino

10.20pm – Another thrill for Juve, 59′

Bad ball lost by Locatelli in the middle of the pitch and I immediately throw deep to Castellanos, who however, face to face with Perin, unsuccessfully attempts a dive. Luckily for him the linesman raises his flag

10.18pm – Vlahovic tries again, 57′

Vlahovic now tries to shake up Juventus, with the Serbian freeing himself to shoot on the right. But his diagonal is wide

10.16pm – What an opportunity for Juve, 55′

Juventus comes close to scoring with a nice vertical move: McKennie from the left sees the insertion at full speed by Vlahovic, who however is anticipated on the line by a providential Marusic

10.14pm – McKennie in pain, 51′

Meanwhile, during the development of a corner, McKennie gets hurt and limps noticeably. The American leaves the field and returns, but he certainly doesn’t look at his best

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10.09pm – Goal by Castellanos, 48′

Lazio doubled their lead, Castellanos scored again. Felipe Anderson finds Luis Alberto vertically, who releases Castellanos in the area, who does well to win the duel with Bremer and wrong-foots Perin

10.05pm – The second half begins, outside Gila. 46′

The second half begins, a forced substitution for Lazio: Gila out, Patric in

9.48pm – First half ends, 45′

The first half ends here, with Lazio going into the locker room with a one-goal lead: Castellanos decides, who then devours the second goal face to face with Perin

9.46pm – Lazio opportunity, 43′

Lazio devours the second goal, with Castellanos finding himself face to face with Perin, who is very good at blocking the goal and hypnotising him

9.44pm – Slower pace now, 40′

Slower pace now, Juve tries to keep possession but fails to become dangerous. Lazio are catching their breath after a first half played at full speed

9.43pm – Juve can’t find any space, 37′

Locatelli vertically for Chiesa, closed by Tudor’s defense well before entering the area.

9.38pm – Yellow card for Locatelli, 34′

The Juventus midfielder stops a counterattack from Castellanos, who receives a yellow card

9.36pm – Bremer tries, 32′

On the development of a corner, Bremer arrives in the third period and jumps higher than anyone, but his header is high

9.31pm – Lazio dangerous, 27′

Felipe Anderson dangerously aims for Perin’s goal, this time Alex Sandro did well to resist and stop the Brazilian’s actions

9.25pm ​​- Juventus opportunity, 23′

Juventus still dangerous, now Allegri’s team seems to have reacted after a difficult start. Rabiot passes to Chiesa who, from inside the area, looks for Vlahovic in the center. Gila’s sliding save was providential

9.23pm – Church error, 21′

Another insistent action from Chiesa, who takes the ball to the edge of the area, but his through ball to McKennie is too long. Excellent opportunity wasted by the Juventus winger

9.21pm – Juve fails to get out, 18′

Pocketed for Marusic, who however fails to connect well in the area. Then the Juventus defense throws long to Vlahovic, who is unable to keep the ball

9.19pm – Lazio insists, 15′

Now Lazio believes in it and continues to keep possession of the ball in the Juventus half of the pitch. Complicated moment for Juve

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9.12pm – Lazio goal, 12′

Lazio unlocks it, with Castellanos who, following the development of a corner taken by Luis Alberto, dominates Alex Sandro and carries his team forward

9.09pm – Juventus opportunity, 7′

Juventus shows up in front and is immediately dangerous: insistent action by Chiesa, who centers from the left and lets the shot go, which is blocked. Cambiaso pounces on the ball and his shot goes wide at the near post

9.04pm – Lazio starts attacking, 4′

Lazio had to come back from two goals, so they started at a high pace also thanks to the excellent plays of Castellanos. Juve leaves a lot of possession to Tudor’s team

9.01 pm – Let’s start, 1′

The match at the Olimpico begins, Juventus touches the first ball

8.55pm – Teams on the pitch, the Olimpico charges

The two teams entered the field, a great response from the Olimpico who believed in the comeback and charged the Biancocelesti.

8.48pm – Lotito: «Luis Alberto? Never put up for sale”

Lazio president Claudio Lotito also spoke to Mediaset’s microphones and said he was satisfied with Igor Tudor’s start on the Biancoceleste bench: «At the moment the team is acquiring the new mentality impressed by the coach, I hope he maintains that profile he has shown in the last two games.” Then on the two illustrious farewells: «Felipe Anderson made a lifestyle choice that led him to sign a contract with lower economic conditions than those we had presented to him. Luis Alberto has another four years on his contract, he was announced but we didn’t put him up for sale. In the last match he showed attachment and quality, we hope he will continue on this path in which he is the protagonist.”

8.35pm – Giuntoli: «We will make a market worthy of this club»

Before the match, against Juventus, the Juventus football director Cristiano Giuntoli spoke: «For us the Italian Cup is a very important goal – the manager’s words – At the beginning of the year our objectives were very clear, that is to return to the Champions League and aim strong on this competition.” Then on the future of Massimiliano Allegri: «We will discuss the renewal with the coach. In the meantime we will discuss the market and the things to do for the future.” And speaking of the negotiations that will take place next summer: “We need to put the accounts right and make a market worthy of this great club.”

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8.14pm – The numbers that worry Allegri

Lazio have won their last two home matches against Juventus, both in Serie A; the Biancocelesti have not achieved three consecutive successes in front of their own fans against the Bianconeri since the period between January 2000 and November 2001 (one in the Italian Cup, two in the championship).

8.00pm – Juventus, the official lineup

Allegri doesn’t offer any surprises either. The run-off between Yildiz and Chiesa was won by the latter, who will thus be able to team up with Vlahovic.

JUVENTUS (3-5-2) Perin; Danilo, Bremer, Alex Sandro; Cambiaso, McKennie, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Church, Vlahovic. All. Allegri

7.55pm – Lazio, the official training

No surprises regarding Tudor’s starting eleven, which relies on the Felipe Anderson-Luis Alberto duo (both decisive in the victory over Genoa) behind Castellanos for the comeback.

7.50pm – The last time at the Olimpico ended badly for Juve

After a series of 23 games with at least one goal scored at Lazio in all competitions, Juventus were left without a goal in the most recent one (1-0 in the league on 30 March).

7.43pm – Juve in the cup is a nightmare for Lazio

As reported by Opta, Lazio have lost their last five matches against Juventus in the Italian Cup and for the first time have achieved a losing streak of at least five matches against a single opponent in the tournament

7.30pm – Lazio-Juventus is worth the Italian Cup final: where to watch it on TV

Tonight, Tuesday 23 April, the first finalist of the Italian Cup will be known. Lazio-Juventus will be played at the Olimpico, a match valid for the second leg of the semi-final. The Bianconeri won 2-0 in the first leg (2 April). Kick-off at 9pm. READ HERE where to watch the match

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