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Lazio: Mattia, heterologist for women up to 46 – Medicine

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Lazio: Mattia, heterologist for women up to 46 – Medicine

(ANSA) – ROME, 07 FEB – “Lazio raises to 46 years, three more than the current limit, the age within which women can access heterologous medically assisted procreation with donation of female gametes”. So in a note the president of the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Lazio Region Eleonora Mattia. “Thanks to the resolution of the regional council – he adds – those who want to become pregnant, but are unable to achieve it spontaneously, can now continue to go to public structures, paying only the ticket, up to 46 years of age, instead of being forced to go to private centres. A fundamental provision in particular for all those who, under the pandemic, have been forced to interrupt the path they had undertaken. This is yet another provision in favor of women, to meet the different needs of all ages. At the same time, after the approval of the resolution today in the Regional Council, girls between the ages of 14 and 21 can now access the contraceptive pill free of charge in all Lazio consultants. have a conscious approach to one’s sexuality. A measure of great importance – underlines Mattia – which brings girls to consultants and allows specialists to make them aware of the issues of prevention, essential for many pathologies, and on the disorders of this age group, first of all the food one”. (HANDLE).

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