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Lazio, Property between gym and field. Acerbi is back, first international

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FORMELLO – See you Acerbi, first national return: for him initially differentiated session, then the Lion joins for the match that closes the trip. In the next days Often will re-embrace all the players called up by their respective selections during the break. The first hope, however, is to find again soon in the group too Immobile, yesterday on the field for a separate run and some exercises with the ball. He wore the shoes. Today Ciro alternated work in the gym with that on the field, he will hang up shortly (between tomorrow afternoon and Thursday) if the sensations are positive, if there are no contraindications when the loads increase. Optimism prevails in Formello. Instead, he reaffirmed Weather in Zaccagni, the previous muscle stop has nothing to do with it, the former Verona skipped the second training in a row due to a flu attack. If he gets rid of the fever he will finally return to the squad. An additional session has been set for tomorrow morning for the defenders and directors (Leiva, Cataldi and Escalante), will carry out exercises on the non-possession phase. In the afternoon the entire squad will be involved.

Posted on 12/10

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