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“Le ali di Silvia”, just two years old with a disease so rare that it has no name

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COSENZA – «In this Council we face important problems, which nevertheless allow us to take stock of the work done in recent years». Thus began the President of the Province, Franco Iacucci, in opening the work of today’s Provincial Council, noting that the Body is to approve the Budget in October because at the national level there was uncertainty about the sums to be transferred to the Local societies. The same uncertainty caused by the recent sentence of the Constitutional Court on the amortization of mortgages for liquidity and by the need to repay the mortgages in ten years, instead of thirty. Nevertheless, “8 million euros were transferred to the Province of Cosenza, a figure which today allows the budget to be approved with confidence».

Then Iacucci’s announcement: «Today is an important day and I can say, with great satisfaction, that the Entity finally comes out of its structurally deficient condition with the 2020 Final Balance. The Province is once again a healthy body and this has allowed us to approve the needs plan to return to hiring. We can move on. Many sacrifices have been made and the result achieved today was possible thanks to the contribution of everyone, I thank the entire Board and all the employees ».

Finally, the President wished good work to the new President of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto, with whom he said he was certain an effective collaboration in the interest of the territories will be opened in the Regional Council. The best wishes for a good job and the warmest congratulations came to Franco Iacucci from all the benches of the Provincial Council, for his election to the Regional Council of Calabria. In particular, the Councilors Aceto, Ramundo, Cennamo and Nociti spoke in the Chamber.

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The 2020 Report approved

The Board unanimously approved the 2020 Report, the update note to the Single Programming Document and the Forecast Budget 2021/2023, whose technical reports were entrusted to the Manager of the Budget and Planning Sector, Eng. Bonaventura Zumpano; the judgment of the entire provincial assembly was positive. The approval of the forecast budget – particularly important for planning all the future activities of the Entity – was carried out without passing through the Assembly of Statutory Auditors, as required by the “Cura Italia” decree which, in article 73, suspended this obligation, extended from the August Decree, due to the pandemic emergency still in progress.

The other items on the Agenda were also unanimously approved. In particular, the start of the procedure for the transfer of the Civic Library to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage which aims to safeguard the invaluable cultural heritage preserved there and to maintain jobs; land amendments and additions to the Regulations for the concession of spaces for the installation of refreshment points and vending machines in schools pertaining to the Province; The amendments to the Regulations on the Provincial Tax of Transcription, Registration and Annotation of Vehicles (IPT) – on the impulse given in the Conference of Group Heads by the Provincial Councilor Carmelo Rota – which introduces concessions for transfer of ownership of motor vehicles for “mortis causa”.

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