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Learning struggles with Dad. Students: “Unprepared for maturity”

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While it is hoped to be able to loosen the block to school in the presence, there is more and more evidence of the limitations of remote lessons.

Distance teaching is creating many problems for students regardless of the efficiency of the system and the commitment of teachers. This is confirmed by a focus carried out by the Freud Higher Institute in Milan: 66.8% of the students think that the preparation achieved is lower than that which they would have had going to school, so much so that 34.8% believe they have not adequate preparation to face the next school year or the state exam in June for fifth grade students. In the last two weeks of March, more than 500 young people from over 700 enrolled at the Milanese institute answered the questions.


Among other negative aspects, almost 33% of the students maintain that the contrasts with family members have been accentuated from an emotional point of view. Despite everything, looking to the future, 33.2% believe that it would be useful to continue using the Dad, together with classroom lessons, even after the Covid emergency.

«It would be wrong to deny the negative aspects of Dad, which on the contrary must be investigated, addressed and possibly resolved – explains the manager Daniele Nappo -. It was a hard experience and we must also prepare for the future because no one knows what the effects of the pandemic will be in the short term, let alone over a long period of time ».

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76.8% of students declared that homework increased compared to traditional lessons: for 12.5% ​​the study load was not bearable even for the modalities without personal relationships with classmates and teachers, while for the 64.3%, although increased, the load was nevertheless sustainable.

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