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Leclerc and Sainz, what happened in Arabia

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Leclerc and Sainz, what happened in Arabia

JEDDAH Charles Leclerc is a fuss on team radio during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix race, the second Formula 1 round of the season. The Monegasque vented several times with the Ferrari wall due to some indications that arrived late and out of time. During the Safety Car regime, the number 16 was said to be as fast as possible before crossing the safety line; an order that arrived too late, which made Leclerc nervous: “You should have told me first” – he said over the radio, then adding a clear “Wakes up!” towards his team.

Tension with Sainz

During the race, Sainz was also ordered from the Ferrari wall to leave sixth position for Leclerc. The affirmative answer, however, came but conditioned by the arrival of the Monegasque close to his teammate, which never happened as the race pace remained similar for both. An eventful weekend at Ferrari too in Jeddah.

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