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Letizia of Spain positive at Covid, her health conditions

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Letizia of Spain positive at Covid, her health conditions

Letizia of Spain it turned out Covid positive. She communicated it with a note from the Royal Palace. La Reina has suspended all her commitments on the agenda for the next few days. These are her health conditions.

Letizia of Spain positive at Covid

After taking part in the delivery of the Princess of Girona Awards together with her husband Felipe and daughters, Leonor and Sofia, Letizia of Spain the next day tested positive for Covid. The state of health, however, does not seem to cause concern, in fact the Royal House has made it known that he has mild symptoms.

Letizia had not shown any signs during the gala evening in the presence of her family, but later showed mild symptoms. Faced with the positivity of the Reina, the Palace obviously has canceled all his commitments scheduled for the next few days. Starting with the two hearings that should have been held on Wednesday 6 July at the Zarzuela Palace. The Sovereign was supposed to meet the scholarship winners Transforming Realities of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation and then the representatives of the Crecer Jugando Foundation of the TVE Corporation and the companies of the campagna A toy, an Illusion.

Letizia of Spain, her health conditions

The Palazzo has left open the possibility for Donna Letizia to participate in the event on Thursday evening. Everything will depend on her health conditions, although it will most likely take several days to negativize. In any case, the Palace reassures her health conditions: only mild symptoms. As for her husband Felipe, the King tested negative, so he will attend the scheduled commitments.

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Covid at the Royal Palace

Last February it was Felipe of Spain’s turn to remain in isolation for about a week, because he was positive with mild symptoms. Then Letizia continued with her agenda without needing any interruption, while her husband worked remotely in her private residence.

In May it was instead the turn of Donna Sofia, Letizia’s mother-in-law who, returning from a trip to Miami, contracted Covid. Her positivity coincided with the weekend when her husband Juan Carlos returned to Spain after years of voluntary exile in Dubai. However, the couple managed to find each other again. Sofia met him during the family lunch organized at the Palace, always wearing the mask and keeping the distance.

Letizia’s positivity came at a time of great work intensity. In fact, at the end of June the Royals hosted the NATO summit in Madrid. The Queen has participated in numerous events in the company of the American First Lady, Jill Biden, as well as having hosted a gala dinner at the Palace. And she, too, in these days she would have had to participate in various institutional commitments. You will certainly be able to count on her daughters, Leonor and Sofia, in particular on the eldest who is taking her first steps within the monarchical institution.

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