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Let’s check our system to prevent legionella from harming our health! – Targatocn.it

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Let’s check our system to prevent legionella from harming our health!  – Targatocn.it

Health must be placed in first position and for this reason we avoid getting sick with a simple shower or daily hygiene.

Knowing the system that we use every day is an excellent prevention for our health, also to avoid health conditions that would compromise our daily life, having to resort to medical treatments and hospitalizations.

Unfortunately this topic is not yet within everyone’s reach as it is a little known aspect due to general misinformation.

In addition to avoiding the possibility of legionella infection, by keeping your system under control, you have the advantage of having a clean and efficient system, capable of not having energy and mechanical deficits.

In taking care of our systems, we prevent the formation of residues that are difficult to eliminate with the consequent protection of health and significant savings on energy costs faced today.

Below are some examples of interventions that can be adopted on your own housing units and which guarantee significant savings on energy consumption and a reduction on the periodic maintenance costs of the systems.

In the first place, to prevent the installation, the advice is to rely on water treatment systems for both cold and hot water. In this regard, by treating the water, you avoid incurring health problems, which will be subject to controls by the state bodies in charge.

The various treatments consist in the prevention of the onset of the disease with simple applied treatments on the civil or industrial plant.

It should be noted that the preferred vehicle of the legionella bacterium consists of inhaling micro droplets of water, which easily reach the lower part of the lungs, triggering a lung infection that is particularly harmful to health.

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It should be remembered that since 2015 the legislation in reference to the risk of legionellosis has been in force which provides for a specific and careful assessment of the biological risk due to exposure to the legionella bacterium.

In combination with the various treatments useful for safeguarding your system, good prevention is recommended with constant monitoring of temperatures. In this type of prevention, it is useful to apply a domestic hot water thermoregulation system to the system in order to lower energy costs and keep the hot water in the optimal anti-Legionella range.

The last aspect that should be considered is the possibility of heat loss due to the insulation factor of the systems and domestic hot water preparers; the advice is to have the latest generation equipment provided with adequate insulation and in the phase of new construction or renovation of buildings provide for good insulation of the system serving the domestic hot water.

This intervention, combined with regular preventive operations such as flushing less used utilities, disinfection of the system and monitoring of temperatures, guarantees a reduction in costs, as far as possible. This clarification derives from the fact that the safeguarding of the civil or industrial system is possible if the replacement of obsolete appliances with new, more performing ones is accompanied by good preventive health habits.

Against the above, the Alpiclima company of G. Camaglio srl, with over ten years of experience in the Thermo-hydraulic sector and present throughout the Province of Cuneo, offers consultancy, assistance and maintenance works for everything concerning the sector relating to water treatment with the possibility of offering a legionella risk assessment service and inherent optimal and efficient solutions aimed at the prevention of legionellosis and the health of the user.

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For more information, consult the website http://www.alpiclima.it/

Giuseppe Camaglio’s Alpiclima company is located in Mondovì, in viale Rimembranza 8/3.

Telephone 0174-551486 and 0174-42176

Fax 0174 47251

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