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“Let’s Digital”: Nft for a new aesthetic

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“Let’s Digital”: Nft for a new aesthetic

Intercepting the cultural change that triggers digital, trying to interpret it, making it usable through a dedicated experience. It doesn’t happen frequently and it doesn’t happen in such a narrative way, as in the case of the “Let’s get digital” exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi. The exhibition project set up in the Renaissance palace in Florence unfolds in the spaces of the Strozzina and the courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi, simultaneously – and not as an alternative – to “Donatello, the Renaissance”, which is also open to visitors until July 31st.

Philosophy and classical music do not escape metaversi and Nft

by Amelia Tomasicchio

Moreover, it is not possible to ignore the clamor around the NFT, which unfold as a revolutionary phenomenon but necessary for defragmentation for those new to the subject. A traditional institution, therefore, for the first time deals with “Non-fungible tokens” within a museum context, revealing an installation dimension for this kind of art usually linked to smartphone or computer screens. On display the works of six artists of Crypto Art, based precisely on the evolution of NFT – the “non-fungible / reproducible tokens”, or videos, images or any digital content recognized through digital certificates of authenticity – through which a journey is outlined in the metaverse.

Nft, so popular, so unknown

by Adriano Marconetto

The visitor first encounters the maxi wall site specific by the Turkish-American artist and designer Refik Anadol, who has developed a specific data set of thousands of paintings produced between the 14th and 17th centuries: “for this installation – explains Anadol – we have elaborated with the help of artificial intelligence a vast dataset, imagining what Renaissance paintings might look like when viewed collectively in the mind of a machine. There is no better place than Palazzo Strozzi to exhibit a work that examines these archives at the crossroads between past and future, combining art history and cutting-edge technology ”.

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In Strozzina the path continues through some works of the dystopian universe of Beeple, the great cyborg video and sound installation by the Italian collective Anyma, the work Arcadia by the Argentine Andrés Reisinger between poetry, sound and images, the time loops on the idea of sculpture by the American artist Daniel Arsham, the world of geometries and reflections by Canadian Krista Kim. “Thanks to the work of six big names in digital art worldwide – underlines Arturo Galansino, director general of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation – we are trying to introduce to our audiences this phenomenon which has not yet been historicized, which is radically transforming our relationship with ‘art and with the digital world ”. “A reflection on decentralization – adds the co-curator Serena Tabacchi – and on the certified and widespread work of many artists who could not be considered as such until a few years ago, leads us to the awareness that the art of the future meets digital as a material favorite for creative expression. This exhibition is an important opportunity for the general public to familiarize themselves with these technologies ”.

Immersive environments, digital installations and multimedia experiences alternate in support of a digital art that can therefore be tangible, but above all of a new aesthetic, which cannot be ignored.

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