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let’s see how it spreads and what the symptoms are »ILMETEO.it

Tomato flu: there is a big outbreak: let’s see how it spreads and what the symptoms are

It manifests itself as red spots on the skin Not only Covid and Monkeypox. Now even thetomato flualso known as fever of pomodoro. The disease that mainly affects children is spreading far from us, but many are worried about its possible arrival in Italia. In the UK, two cases have been isolated which have shed light on this new medical mystery.

What is it about? It is a new disease that was first identified in May of this year in three states of theIndia. It is called in this way because, in addition to symptoms influenza-like causes skin rashes e blisters red purulent that can reach the size of tomatoes.

A little girl of 13 months and the brother of 5 years, as Repubblica reports, were seen by their pediatrician in the UK after traveling with their family to the Indian state of Kerala, where the largest outbreak of tomato flu broke out. During their stay abroad, about and month, the children and their parents were hosted by relatives and friends in different cities. Those in which the first cases of the mysterious disease were detected.

A week before returning to Englandboth children would play with a peer who had recently passed what the local media were already calling the tomato flu. They both had painful blisters. The boy after two days started to healwhile the little sister began to have injuries even within the mouthwhich caused excessive salivation.

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Both children underwent specific tests in a pediatric hospital, where however they were not hospitalized. In fact, only home isolation was arranged for them. Symptoms include fever, ulcers oral painful and eruptions cutaneous on hands, feet and buttocks. The treatment consists of keeping the body temperature low and treating the pain, waiting for the natural healing of the rashes.

It contracts from people infected through close contact or droplet, I did (for example, changing an infected baby’s nappy and then rubbing his eyes or mouth), objects e surfaces contaminated. To avoid the spread of the disease it is necessary to wash your hands frequently and sanitize the house, paying particular attention to the handles and knobs.

However they will have to be conducted more Education on small Indian patients to confirm this theory, and possibly to understand why the disease is manifesting itself in such severe forms, with painful and particularly large blisters. And with us? Even if it were to spread to our latitudes, the tomato flu appears as a pathology manageable and not particularly graveas long as you treat it in time and observe the correct hygiene rules to prevent its spread.

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