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Lexdo.it and the other 10 new startups of the Italian Tech DB

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There is Lexdo.it, a startup that wants to innovate the legal services sector, there is Nautilus, a startup that offers navigation for space missions. But there are also

Secura Factors, Nablawave, ReLOG3P, MEDICUD, Myke – LockToBeFree, SIKURO, Italia Rimborso, Maiora Solutions and NATURALSALUS: these are the 11 new startups that have entered the Startup Database of Italian Tech which debuted on 23 September last (here the explanation of the reasons and objectives). Here is more in detail who they are and how they grow.

Nautilus – Navigation in Space is a startup born in Bologna in 2021 which develops navigation services for both scientific and commercial missions in space.

Secura Factors is a spin-off of the Ca ‘Foscari University Venice, founded in 2021 by Gianluca Caiazza, Agostino Cortesi, Pietro Ferrara, Sanna Kallio and Ruffin White. Develop security solutions for robotic systems.

Nablawave is a startup based in Padua which deals with innovative solutions for production processes. It was founded by Andrea Dal Monte, Gianluigi Misté, Davide Papale and Giovanni Venturelli in 2019.

ReLOG3P is a startup that develops services and products for logistics. Based in Genoa, it was founded in 2021 by Stefano Negrini and Michelle Tan.

MEDICUD develops innovative medical solutions and economically viable to improve wound care. This startup was founded in 2020 by Antonio D’Angelo and Andrea Cazzulani.

Myke – LockToBeFree is a startup from Bergamo (founded in 2020 by Davide Beretta and Federico Mazzucchelli) who developed a platform dedicated to cyclists. In detail, it has released an app that helps them find the best available and safe parking, book it and pay for it.

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SIKURO is a startup (founded in 2017 by Walter Licini) which deals with safety in the workplace, because the documentation on safety in the workplace and its management is increasingly complex and the risk of deadlines and oversights increasingly probable. He has developed software and an app to monitor documents and workflows.

LexDo.it is a startup founded by Giovanni Toffoletto in 2015, it allows you to generate customized contracts and documents in minutes and speak with expert lawyers on any legal topic with just one click. Based in Milan, this startup has raised 1.4 million so far.

Italia Rimborso is a startup active in the field of refunds and compensation for airline disruptions. Founded in 2019 by Felice D’Angelo, it uses artificial intelligence technologies to determine the terms of the compensation.

Maiora Solutions, is a specialized startup in the development of artificial intelligence solutions, data analysis, pricing and revenue management for the real estate sector (and beyond). It was founded in 2017 by Andrea Torassa and Emilio Zunino.

NATURALSALUS is a startup active in the wellness sector and natural health and in supporting patients with chronic diseases. Founded in 2018, it is associated with Noi Techpark in Bolzano.

The Italian Startup Database, the numbers of the Italian Tech DB: today the Italian Tech database counts 361 cards at startup.


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