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LG Tone Free Fp9: high-end true wirleess headphones

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LG Tone Free Fp9: high-end true wirleess headphones

True wireless headphones are now very common devices in which it is difficult for a model to stand out for particular merits (especially for the GenZ, it seems). They can increase battery life and the ability of microphones to pick up our voice, they can be specific models for a particular smartphone, such as Air Pods, and therefore take advantage of some synergies, but the differences are minimal.

In this fairly homogeneous panorama, the Lg Tone Free Fp9 surprisingly stand out thanks to a very good overall quality and some particularly interesting functions compared to the competition. Of course, the name is not particularly suitable for sticking to your mind, but never mind.

The reasons why the Fp9 are absolutely to be considered if you are looking for good True Wireless are soon said: first of all, the design is very compact, both of the headphones and of the charging base. Once worn, they fit snugly to the ear and stay in place even if you run, talk, jump and sweat. Of course not all ears are the same but the three types of service pads should cover most needs.


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The second interesting feature is cleanliness, and it’s a feature that LG has accustomed us to from a few models. When you connect the base to the recharge, the UVnano technology will activate which eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria present on the headphones. Obviously this does not replace the need to remove any dirt, but prevents the FP9 from becoming a potential vehicle for infections.

The third feature that does not happen to see in this kind of products is the possibility of using the headphones as a Bluetooth transmitter for any devices with an audio jack. In fact, in the package, in addition to the charging cable, there is another cable that on one side has the USB socket and on the other the 3.5 mm jack. This will allow you to use the headphones even when the possibility of wireless connection is not present, or simply because this is done before.

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Let’s think for example of an airplane, the console controller, a laptop. Just connect the case to the third device using the cable, flip a switch and you’re done.

In addition to these three features, the FP9s are also, quite simply, excellent headphones with noise reduction, which can be obtained to hear important ambient sounds, such as an approaching car, three microphones, touch controls and a range of approx. 7 hours without recharging, which becomes almost 20 if we count that of the case. The possibility, thanks to the dedicated app, to take advantage of 5 audio profiles, plus two customized ones, offers the right solution for both those who love bass and those who prefer a natural sound or based on the genre of music of the moment. Three modes have been created in collaboration with Meridian, a British manufacturer of high-level audio devices and formats, to take advantage of the Hsp technology, Headphone Spatial Processing, which gives the listener the illusion of perceiving sounds in a three-dimensional space around him. , going beyond just stereo. For example, if we activate “3D Sound Stage” we will be able to hear the sounds of a game or a film with a more immersive effect.

Even during calls, the audio is perfect and the three microphones, added to the noise cancellation for both the output sounds, guarantees clarity in communications even in crowded streets. If you want you can also use the Whisper mode which greatly amplifies the gain of a microphone of the right earphone, turning off the other two. This way, if you want to talk to someone in quiet situations, when it’s okay not to raise your voice, you can bring the microphone close to your mouth and whisper what you want to say. Do not use this mode in a noisy environment because obviously the microphone would pick up any sound around you, creating the case in the call. For face-to-face conversations, on the other hand, it is possible to activate the ambient sound or conversation mode, which use the external microphones, to listen to what they are saying without removing the headphones. It is also possible to ask Tone Free to read us the messages and, through the app, identify where the case is in case we lose it.


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The touch controls on the headphones also seemed very intuitive to us, which when activated emit a slight click, so as to make us understand that we have actually executed a command.

Wanting to look for flaws, the app, at least in its iOS version, occasionally loses sync with the headphones and there is no way to recover it except by closing and reopening it, or even putting the headphones in the case and pulling them out again. Thankfully it only happened a couple of times in hours and hours of use. The other not insignificant detail is the cost, since we are talking about 150 euros, unless you take advantage of special discounts. It is not a high price for the range in which they are placed, but for some it may be too much for some functions that they may not use so often.

Having said that, the FP9s have amazed us with their solutions, design and general quality, which undoubtedly make them an interesting purchase for those who want something more than a pair of cheap true wireless but don’t want to make the leap towards models of very high end.

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