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Lightweight and small size, without sacrificing graphics

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Maintaining the distinctive features of its Swift line, ACER introduces the X version with some new features that make possible activities that are not necessarily required for this type of product.

Acer Swift X is thin and light (17.9mm and just 1.3kg), but it also enjoys the latest component miniaturization capabilities. The model, in fact, is the first of the Swift series that mounts a discrete video card, therefore not integrated, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture or the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650.

Until now, maintaining lightness and reduced thickness for producers meant having to accept a compromise. Now, however, Acer Swift X buyers will be able to take advantage of the performance of a discrete video card and that means pushing towards previously unthinkable graphics processing.

The identity of the Acer Swift line is not, however, in question, its audience remains that of consumer users at home and on-the-road who do not necessarily require pushed creativity. But, with the Acer Swift X, the line between common and professional use of graphics features certainly shrinks.

Reactivity, performance, autonomy in light and contained form factors remain the distinctive values ​​of all models of the Acer Swift family. Among these, Acer Swift 5 is Intel Evo Platform certified, fully achieving the goals set by Intel in terms of user experience, such as instant recovery from standby and fast charging.

Respectable components for on-the-road use

The new Acer Swift X is based on the AMD Ryzen platform, an SSD disk with a capacity of up to 2 Tb and a 59 Wh battery with fast charging that pushes the autonomy up to 17 hours allowing you to work for a long time even outside the office. Nvidia’s discrete card, which governs a 14-inch FHD IPS panel, allows you to risk photo and video editing, even in 4K, and some good gaming sessions.

The hardware equipment is completed by a fingerprint reader that, in concert with Windows Hello, protects and speeds up access to the laptop. Also of note is the AI ​​algorithm that suppresses background noise during video calls (Acer PurifedVoice) and Acer BlueLightShield technology to reduce eye fatigue during use.

Innovative architectural choices

It is amazing to imagine the engineering effort applied to such a small frame. The classic problem of overheating of small laptops is solved by Acer Group with the insertion of a “stereo ring” fan with 59 0.3 mm blades but, above all, by the introduction of an inclined panel placed above the fan itself. which improves ventilation by up to 10% more.

The new keyboard design also contributes to better heat expulsion (8-10% more) thanks to the built-in air intake. In addition, the user can independently choose three cooling modes: quiet, standard and advanced.

The elegant stylistic line and the distribution of colors and finishes have allowed the Acer Swift X to win the coveted Red Dot Award 2021. Acer Swift X is available in Italy from July in the usual sales channels of Acer and on the store of the company.

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