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like having a great line even during the holidays

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the holiday season are at the door and there is alreadymouth watering in thinking of all delicacies and at delicacies that will brighten our table. Attention, however: the sense of guilt for overly large meals is around the corner and the word diet it will most likely be a fixed thinking for the next few months.

If, despite the best efforts, we can not Anyway to lose weight and the weight scale mocks us by opposing giving us even the smallest satisfaction, it is perhaps the case to ask ourselves because we can’t get back online: the solution could be ours metabolism.

Get to know yourself: being aware of the type of your metabolism is the most important thing to know before starting any diet. It is natural that if the metabolism is slow, this can compromise the result of our sacrifices and reduce the hopes of losing weight and regaining the lost shape to a faint light. Understanding how our metabolism works, establishing whether it is fast or slow, is essential to consciously evaluate the best strategies to implement.

Find out if everything works properly: metabolism is the speed with which our body burns calories to satisfy vital needs, transforming the calories of the foods we introduce with food, into energy. A well-functioning metabolism is essential for our health and for maintaining a normal body weight. Before considering any diet, it is therefore advisable to understand what type of metabolism we have and subsequently establish an adequate food program, in addition to physical activity. It should be borne in mind that there are two types of metabolism: the basal metabolism, i.e. the amount of energy needed to maintain vital functions, and which generally represents 70% of the total, and the energy metabolism, which produces energy. consumed with physical activity that is practiced daily in addition to the energy consumption caused by digestion.

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When the metabolism is fast: a metabolism that works properly is everyone’s dream. Those who enjoy a fast metabolism tend to gain significantly less weight than those with a slow metabolism and in general do not suffer from low blood pressure, do not accumulate fat easily, do not suffer from water retention or abdominal bloating, have no digestion problems and bowel functions regularly. In short, a real fortune and the best condition to deal with any food excess without major consequences on the line.

When the metabolism is slow: easy to recognize, unfortunately. UIn fact, slow metabolism generally presents almost the same symptoms: no matter how much attention you pay to what you eat and how much sport and movement you are able to practice, when you step on the scale your weight invariably remains the same. If we add to this the constant sensation of swelling and fatigue, then we could be in the presence of metabolic alterations, which certainly do not help the rapid recovery of remise en forme and can irremediably compromise our self-esteem.

Identify the symptoms: do we feel perpetually tired even for no reason? It is possible that the problem is a slow metabolism, which strains the body, which in turn struggles to convert food into energy. Do we always crave sweets? Even in this we could have an important clue, because sugar is used to fill up with energy: however, if the diet is correct and we sleep satisfactorily, this should not happen. Another symptom of metabolic alteration could be the sensation of cold even when the temperature is hot or mild: the correct metabolic processes in fact create energy by heating the body naturally. Finally, let’s take a look at our skin and hair: if they are excessively dry, we could have a hydration problem linked to an incorrect metabolism.

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What can you do to find the line: first of all, to burn calories an optimal solution is to improve muscle tone. Regular movement and the practice of constant physical activity greatly increase our metabolism which remains high even for several hours after the end of the workout, even up to twelve hours if it was particularly intense. Mixed activity is ideal to give a good boost to the metabolism: for example, high-intensity work, such as toning exercises with weights, with machines or bodyweight, followed by aerobic activities such as running, cycling or swimming. And if a few grams of cellulite decide to keep us company anyway, we will in any case have improved blood circulation, the cardiovascular system and, thanks to the endorphins produced, we will also feel fitter and more cheerful: in any case, a balance more than positive.

Never forget to …: to speed up the metabolism it is a good idea to consume a large breakfast trying, if possible, never to skip snacks as if too much time passes between meals, our body tends to decrease metabolism to deal with the temporary lack of nutrients . Even last-minute diets should be avoided: an important caloric restriction tends to lower the metabolism by decreasing energy expenditure and increasing the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients present in food. Never completely exclude fats and red meat from your diet, because a low-fat diet tends to decrease the production of anabolic hormones, decreasing the metabolism. Last but not least, it is necessary to maintain good hydration by drinking at least two liters of water a day, also consuming a lot of vegetables and a few portions of fruit.

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