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Lilith’s “Afterglow” will be launched in 2022, cross-platform battle royale | 4Gamers

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Lilith’s new cross-platform shooter “Farlight 84” (Farlight 84) has new developments. In the Tokyo Game Show 2021 live program held today (2), some of the actual game screens and related information were disclosed. The game is scheduled to be launched in 2022.

“Doomsday” is a game based on the worldview of the end of 2084 wasteland. The game spans two major platforms: mobile phones and PCs. The first impression of the whole work is like the integration of “Forbidden Land”, “Fighting Battle”, A game featured in “Escape from Tarkov”.

Players can use a variety of weapons in the game and drive vehicles to move. It is currently known that the game will have several main play modes, including survival mode, hunting mode, and so on.

The gameplay of “Doomsday” is similar to most battle royale games. After being airdropped to the game map, players can start to collect various resources, and then play against other players. At the same time, it will gradually shrink over time. Moving range.

Judging from the existing videos and introductions of actual gameplay, whether players can make good use of the vehicles will likely become the key to victory. It is inferred that the number of these vehicles on the map will not be too much. The defeated players will get some building materials, these materials will be used to decorate their own shelters, allowing players to show their own style.

Farlight 84 (4)

Farlight 84 (2)

“Afterglow” is scheduled to be launched on iOS, Android, and PC platforms within 2022.

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