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list of foods with brand and batches

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list of foods with brand and batches

No products are saved anymore. Every day the Ministry of Health raises an alarm on withdrawn products.

The foods or drinks that are the subject of withdrawal, by the way, are contaminated with bacteria and fungi that are highly dangerous to health. Today we publish the food recall of two products from do not consume absolutelybecause traces of Salmonella, Listeria and Fumonisin.

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We have “known” Salmonella with the Ferrero scandal, which still to tell the truth is not finished. THE checks there are, and the company was also targeted by the Luxembourg Public Prosecutor’s Office. Those who eat foods contaminated with this bacterium can blame severe illness and even ending up in the hospital for the consequences.

The Listeriosi is an infection that arises from the bacterium that the cause. Once in contact with this organism, the human body can manifest diseases even after 3 months. The most serious risks, which especially people with weak defenses run, are to contract meningitis, encephalitis and acute forms of sepsis.

Today we also discover the presence of Fumonisina in one of the recently retired products. It’s about a mycotosine which can induce effects adverse in the human organism. Let’s talk about gastrointestinal disorders in milder forms, but it can also come to suffer from kidney and liver problemsdevelop immunodeficiencyil cancer and also get to death.

Beware of these withdrawn products, check brand and batches immediately

Il Ministry of Health published two food reminders. It is about packs of salami and polenta flour. The advice is to absolutely do not consume the products and immediately bring them back to where they were purchased.

Il hunter salami is contaminated with Salmonella and Listeria. Here are the details of the brand, lot and expiry date:

  • Villani Hunter Salami – Producer Villani spa – Headquarters of the factory where it was produced VIA ZANASI 24 – Castelnuovo Rangone – MO – Italy. The expiration date is 15/7/2022. The salami package is that of 170 grams from bulk – (per retailer: Cardboard lot 1326212)

The wording “Not compliant with food safety requirements. Possible presence of Salmonella and Listeria“.

As for the flour for polentaecco brand and lot:

  • Flour for Polenta Bramata La Classica Molino Riva – Molino Riva srl ​​- Headquarters of the factory Via Provinciale 69, 23846 – Garbagnate Monastero. There packaging and from 1 kg vacuum packed. Expiration date 12/1/2025.

In the motif of the recall there is the precaution for the presence of fumosina higher than the legal limits.

For both products the same are valid recommendations. Don’t consume, immediately return to where you purchased the product. Refund will be given.

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