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Lives on the edge 📺 She has lost half her weight 😲 now she is a new woman

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Lives on the edge 📺 She has lost half her weight 😲 now she is a new woman

Laura Perez did it: after a turbulent childhood and adolescence she finally managed to reach her goal.

She was one of many patients who came to weigh around 300 kg and desperately wanted to improve her life. For this reason, in an effort to lose weight, too Laura Perez was subjected to a strict diet and exercise regimen by the celebrated doctor of Lives on the edge.

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The woman went from strength to strength after joining the program at the beginning of which had reached a weight of 270 kg. This had even forced her into a wheelchair. But she managed to find the right determination to move forward, which allowed her to reach her goal of hers.

Laura Perez, what happened to it?

Laura told about hers difficult childhood, in which she stated that she was sexually abused at the age of five. She never told her parents that she was being touched inappropriately and she started eating large amounts of food to console herself.

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However, this was seriously damaging his health and risking having to spend the rest of his days in a wheelchair and with an oxygen tank. After meeting Dr. Nowzaradan, she realized she had to abandon hers food addiction.

Laura then underwent weight loss surgery, but there were complications and she struggled with pneumonia which almost killed her. However, she managed to get her energy back. Even though she achieved the goal she set for herself, her marriage was strained.

The former patient of Lives on the edge she lost the 50 kg she had to lose to be able to undergo the weight loss surgery. During the surgery, the Doctor realized that Laura’s spleen and liver were still enlarged, which meant that bypass was completely impossible. He then performed a gastrectomy which removed 80% of the stomach. By the end of the episode aired in 2015, Perez had managed to lose 107 kg, for a final total of 161 kg.

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Later, during one of the episodes showing what happened to the patients, she revealed that she managed to lose more than 50% of its initial weight, losing 152 kg, and therefore being qualified for gastric bypass surgery. She also planned to have skin removal surgery.

Laura went from a maximum weight of 270 kg to 82 kg! She also ended up separating from ex-husband Joey, but now she has a new partner. She revealed that while she wanted to become more independent and get a job, Joey wanted her to stay home as she did before. This then led to the breakup of their marriage and therefore they decided to separate. The patient then found her new sweetheart, Eric Juarez, whom she married in 2018, with whom she had two children.

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