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Living with 19 degrees is ideal

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Living with 19 degrees is ideal

The temperature of 19 degrees in the house is the perfect one. Dr. Maurizio Cancian, president of Simg (Italian Society of General Medicine) says this about the decision to lower the radiators by one degree in winter.

The temperature perfect at home? And of 19 degrees, and if you are cold just wear a few more items of clothing. Doctor Maurizio Cancian, president of Simg (Italian Society of General Medicine), is certain of this, defending the choice of the government, which said he was ready for a plan to counter the expensive energy.

With the need for save gas, Minister Cingolani has in fact prepared a plan that provides for the lowering of radiators by at least one degree in October not only in all public buildings, but also in private homes. It then goes from 20 degrees to 19.

In an interview with The Corriere della SeraCancian explains in fact that this is a modest difference that will not lead to serious repercussions: “It is true that taking a cold induces a lowering of the immune defenses and therefore facilitates the spread of viral diseases – the doctor’s words – but it will be enough to dress more even in home”.

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According to the doctor, the recommended temperatures to protect our health should be between 19 and 20 degrees during the day and between 17 and 18 degrees at night, stressing that exceeding up to 23 degrees is actually wrong.

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Not only can too high temperatures inside a closed environment cause dry skin, headaches, coughs and other respiratory symptoms, but they put us at risk of temperature changes when we then look out into outdoor environments that are not good for our health. .

The same risk occurs at night with temperatures that are too high which compromise the quality of sleep. The advice is therefore to keep the radiators off at night if the house is well insulated and manages to keep the heat accumulated during the day: “The important thing is to maintain a temperature between 17 and 18 degrees, so as not to get cold – he concludes – and therefore do not run into influenza, para-influenza and respiratory viruses “.

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