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Logitech G launches Spring Festival Super Kill Offer! Buy designated items and get 40th anniversary commemorative model car-Computer DIY

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Logitech GIn addition to the old cloth and a new start,Logitech GAt1moon10From date to2moon10At the end of the day, the “Five Strong Love Kaohsiung Dome Concert” limited tickets will be launched for registration receipts, which can be purchased during the specified periodLogitech GAny product has a chance to participate in the lucky draw, and one person wins the prize and two of them travel together!1moon17From date to2moon13End of the day, in response to the long-term discount of the Taipei International Game Show,Logitech GAnother super sweet discount on a variety of popular products for players64Fold up, at1moon24From date, purchase designated items and then sendLogitech G 40Anniversary commemorative model cars, the number is limited while supplies last, allowing you to easily upgrade your peripheral equipment at one time,2022Have fun in this year!

There is no limit to the amount of any Logitech G product purchased during the specified period, and you can log in to the invoice to get a limited number of tickets for the “Five Strong Love Kaohsiung Arena Concert”

Logitech GHand in hand with the Kaohsiung Arena concert of Five Strong Love, buy and draw limited concert tickets

Towards2022In 2016, the leading brand of global e-sports peripheralsLogitech GNot only are they optimistic about the super popularity and singing ability of the five strong emotions, but also support them with the soul of game players, and ignite the enthusiasm of all players in Taiwan!Logitech GIt is officially announced that the cross-border cooperation in the “Five Strong Love Kaohsiung Arena Concert” will be announced during the event.1moon10From date to2moon10Day only, wherever you buyLogitech GThere is no limit to the amount of any product, and you can get a limited amount of concert tickets by logging in to the invoice(The value of each ticketNT$2,980Yuan), If one person wins the lottery, you can also travel together! Fans who like Wujianqing but haven’t grabbed the tickets, quickly seize the opportunity to get rid of the old and new, bring home the best e-sports peripherals, and then take advantage of the trend to draw concert tickets!

The strongest wolf group that will take over the Kaohsiung Arena on February 19 to hold a concert-Five Strong Love. The members include Chen Lingjiu, Qiu Fengze, Huang Weijin, Lai Yanju and Lou Junshuo. 》The game unit became popular, and while the concert was busy practicing songs and physical strength, I still didn’t forget to play Game to relax. Last year, Wu Jianqing collaborated with the virtual group “Legend Girl Group WaVe” on the theme song of the mobile game. During the rehearsal period, I also like to team up with other members to cultivate a tacit understanding and show the spirit of the game everywhere!

2022Have fun! Logitech GIn response to the “Taipei International Video Game Show”, offering a variety of super-kill offers

What to do after the orientation? Of course it is to put on the best gaming entertainment equipment! In response to the annual “Taipei International Gaming Show” in the e-sports circle, Logitech G provides players with more value-for-money benefits. From January 17th to February 13th, a variety of products will be offered during the Spring Festival event. Special offer, purchase PRO Wireless wireless gaming mouse, the original price is NT$4,990, and the special price for the Year of the Tiger is only NT$3,190, and the discount is up to 64%; when you buy G913 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, you will get a G640 large cloth mouse pad, the original price is NT$8,680. , The Buddha’s heart price for the Year of the Tiger is only NT$5,690. Now you can save NT$2,990. Not only does the super price allow you to easily upgrade your peripherals, starting from January 24, you can purchase the designated items and get a Logitech G 40th anniversary commemorative model car. Limited, while supplies last, there are so many surprises waiting for you to dig!


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