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Long Covid Syndrome. Here are the symptoms not to be underestimated. And Pet-therapy takes over for psychological damage

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SALENTO – The RT of covid in Italy is stable. Thanks to the vaccines and the green pass. And even if there are more than 8 million Italians over 12 years without vaccines, we can breathe – finally – the air of normality. But there are many people who, after covid, continue to still have health problems. In such cases there is a real syndrome called long covid or post covid. The problems are of various kinds and also affect those who have had a mild form of the disease.

The scientific literature categorizes the syndrome into two categories: subacute or chronic syndrome depending on whether the symptoms occur within or even beyond the twelfth week of Covid 19 infection. In this case it is long covid, a pathology that seems to affect the About 30 percent of the population who contracted it. The disorders range from direct damage to the body’s organs, to compromise of the nervous system up to the development of real auto-immune diseases, chronic fatigue, muscle aches, breathing difficulties, dyspnoea, widespread pain.

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Many people also experience a feeling of light-headedness – memory loss, and lack of concentration. Statistical data reveal that it is mostly women between 40 and 60 who suffer from long covid syndrome and, in particular, those with pre-existing chronic diseases or who had severe symptoms during the infection.

Therapies can include physical rehabilitation, psychological support and personalized diets. It is a multidimensional approach to the patient for which it is essential that the doctor makes an assessment of the clinical history, specific symptoms, lifestyle compromise, psychological impact, nutritional aspects (weight changes and eating disorders) for then being able to prescribe an accurate care so that the post-covid symptoms do not become chronic.

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One thing is certain: health care must not be limited to covid treatment but must cover the entire rehabilitation phase and it is time for each Region to take action to adopt guidelines also aimed at informing citizens who have contracted the disease. . A British study reveals that those who contracted the covid and who took the first dose of the vaccine, found improvements in long covid symptoms, but these are studies still under scientific evaluation.

An American study points to covid infection as being responsible for erectile dysfunction due to damage to blood vessels. On 1 July 2021, the ISS (Higher Health Institute) published a study (Iss report No. 15/2021) in which it listed the management principles of Long Covid and classified the clinical manifestations into two categories: general and organ -specifications. These include psychiatric and psychological illnesses such as anxiety and depression which, in any case, are also the direct consequence of the pandemic and of the economic and social hardships that covid has caused.

The Liguria region has promoted free meetings between the sick and psychologists through the use of pet therapy and the funding that the region has obtained from the Mise by participating in a tender. Thus, those who have suffered the psychological stress of the disease and its symptoms, even prolonged, will be able to try to overcome it by contributing to the management of animals in difficulty. It would be advisable that every Region, even Puglia, take action in this sense. Because, as Einstein said, opportunities arise in the midst of difficulties.

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