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look at this beloved rice

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look at this beloved rice

The Ministry of Health withdrew a known brand rice following some problems, detected following some control tests.

Contaminated rice, the Ministry intervenes – Nanopress.it

Concern for consumers, the Ministry launch the warning for this product not to be consumed. Let’s see together lots and particularities.

Rice, the most purchased cereal in the world

Among the most consumed foods in the world, according to some statistics, there is rice. This cereal with extraordinary properties, has many qualities from a nutritional point of view. Perfect to consume, obviously in the right doses, if you are on a diet, it is characterized by a good protein quality.

Sack of rice – Nanopress.it

It also contains essential amino acids which other cereals lack. Her proteins do not contain gluten and its main nutrient is slow-absorbing carbohydrates.

Composed of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, consuming it is good for heart health. Also rich in B vitamins and some mineral salts such as phosphorus, sodium, selenium, calcium and potassiumshould never be missing from your table.

There are many Italian families who buy packets of rice at the supermarket every day. For the safety of controls, generally there is a tendency to put products from famous and sponsored brands in the shopping cart. About this, the Ministry of Health sounds the alarm: this very famous one here is contaminated.

The alarm from the Ministry: fear for the contaminated lot

The Ministry of Health sounds the alarm What makes consumers worry: this rice is contaminated. Two are lots reported by the supervisory body as dangerous. This is not the first time that the Ministry has monitored companies and control systems by detecting dangers.

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Ministry of Health
Ministry of Health – Nanopress.it

Unfortunately however, in most cases, too contaminated products end up on supermarket shelves and consequently in our homes. Not even two weeks ago, a famous brand that produces baby milk he found himself forced to withdraw several lots because of contaminations that occurred at the time of packaging.

I security checks by the bodies responsible for this, they are stiff and tight yet every day gods happen food recalls for some products which are then contaminated.

In most cases, no serious dangers are incurred but it is still true that the substances inside can cause – in various cases – different pathologies.

But let’s move on to the focus of our article. The alarm raised by Ministry of Health about the rice. The contamination concerns a well-known product, the “Vialone nano rice” of the Curtiriso brand.

The supervisory body has decided, through communication at the national level, to withdraw the product for obvious chemical risk. Apparently there is a presence in excessive doses Of triciclazolo. It’s a fungicide and fungicide which is generally used to delete the rice pests.

The EU regulation 983 of the year 2017established a maximum residual that this cereal may contain. The presence in quantities greater than those established by law is prohibited as this fungicide is capable of causing problems of various kinds.

Controls and checks: when the product becomes a health hazard

Food manufacturing companies are generally very attentive to indications and specifications laws of regulations but these two specific lots have escaped notice. They, deemed potentially dangerous for our bodywere immediately withdrawn from the market.

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Check too the serial number, if you have purchased this product from the Curtiriso brand. The production lots involved in the seizure are the P22101164 and the P22100472. Also check the expiration date. THEThe first lot has a deadline of 18 October 2024 and is sold in packs of 500 grams.

Il secondly, it expires on 8 October 2024 and is sold in one-kilo packs. If unfortunately you have found yourself consuming the contaminated lots, do not panic.

Contact your trusted doctor who will know how to act. Any information is also available a toll-free number for the consumer which is as follows: 800036457.

Rice withdrawn from the Ministry
Rice withdrawn from the Ministry-NanoPress.it
Rice recall from the Ministry of Health
Recall of rice from the Ministry of Health-NanoPress.it

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