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Looking for memories on Gmail

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Looking for memories on Gmail

We always talk about the future, we think about how to build a better one, but the past follows us. He never gives up. A few days ago I was suddenly asked to reconstruct a story from over ten years ago. For me dead and buried. Memory works like this.

He stores the less current things in a different area, where it is much more difficult to make them re-emerge. This thing can be seen very well in a good 2015 Pixar movie, Inside Out. I mean, where was I? what was I doing? and who did I do it with ten and more years ago? Pitch dark, and, let me say, I’m not stupid yet indeed. I called many of my friends and those I was dating at the time, but they too, nisba. So I asked Google, or rather that Google service we use to send and receive e-mails, Gmail.

Innovation Almanac – March 29, 1989

Steve Jobs’ first Oscar (who launched Pixar)

by Riccardo Luna

29 March 2022

I started doing research on Gmail and it was all there: there were messages I sent and received on that particular episode; there were the documents that proved the things I asserted. All. All stored in the cloud, on some server, who knows where. An archive of my life, parallel and different from what we do by writing on social media: on Facebook and Instagram we post what we want others to know about us, where we went, what we did, usually the successes, always the grief. In emails there is our private life. Love letters, quarrels, projects. And it stays there, archived forever. When I am old I will go looking for memories on Gmail.

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