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Losing belly fat at age 50 might be possible with these activities and good habits

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When we are not very satisfied with our body due to a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, we cannot magically change the situation and eliminate the rolls on the abdomen.

With advancing age, then, things could get worse, also due to menopause and the change in metabolism. Not for this, however, you have to give up and let yourself go, with a little commitment the situation could change significantly.

Although the years pass and changes in our body will be inevitable, such as a certain muscle and skin sagging, the important thing will be to maintain a non-fat body mass. If we can keep muscles active and avoid certain foods, we have a good chance of having the physique we want.

Obviously, we will be able to obtain this result if we do not suffer from particular ailments or pathologies. Stress levels and a certain mental commitment could also affect the results, we will have to be calm and focused on the final goal.

Losing belly fat at age 50 might be possible with these activities and good habits

The first step is to understand together with a nutritionist what our eating habits are, to improve them and act as a support in a toning and slimming path. We will likely need to supplement a lot of fiber during the week, such as legumes, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. They must not lack the proteins that we can find, for example, in fish.

To deflate the belly, herbal teas based on fennel, anise or ginger could help, also to promote proper digestion. We drink a lot of water, absolutely avoid skipping meals and try to regulate the consumption of sugars.

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These just indicated, of course, are generic indications, but it is very important to be followed by a specialist, who will “tailor” the diet tailored to us.

Certainly, however, we will not be able to ignore physical activity and movement, essential for losing the fat mass on the belly at 50, also useful for freeing the mind and putting aside thoughts. Beyond a specific workout, we will come to have a less swollen abdomen if we start walking more often and faster or if we ride the bike several times a week.


In addition to massages and fitness to do in the gym, we will be able to flatten the belly by doing some simple exercises to do at home. Generally, alternating muscle strengthening and aerobic activities would be recommended to eliminate muscle mass.

The ones that could do for us would be the free body squats, pushups, or pushups even in the simplified version. But also hops made from the ground and the classic crunck and plank in the various versions.

We may be able to improve motor skills and therefore derive various advantages, also in terms of posture and firming. Whatever type of physical activity we decide to carry out, however, we first do a medical examination to better understand what it can do for us.


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