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Losing weight and getting back in shape: the nutritionist’s tips

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Losing weight and getting back in shape: the nutritionist’s tips

The summer is over, we return to work and to the hectic life after the well-deserved holidays often too worried about the weight. If among the good intentions there is also that of remedying the summer “mistakes”, it is good to do it with the support of a nutritionist specialist. The “do it yourself” diet has unfortunately become a great classic but involves health risks. What is the correct approach to face re-entry and change one’s eating habits?
We asked Lia Provenzi, Nutritionist Biologist at the MedicalPlan Clinic in Capriolo, who provided these precious tips to keep in mind to start off on the right foot.

The scale can be misleading, better the BIA test

The scale, especially if the pointer moves a few kg, should not be the only indicator to consider to know our state of health or the amount of fat or muscle contained in our body. An increase or decrease in weight can be positive or negative depending on which body compartment is affected by the change (muscle, fat or fluids).
A valid help is the Bioimpedance Meter Test (BIA) which is carried out during the visit to the MedicalPlan. It allows to obtain important parameters of the patient under examination and to build specific food programs, increasing the success rate. In fact, it allows you to identify the actual kg of fat mass put, distinguishing them from those of lean mass.

Food as a joy without guilt

It is also important to remember that when food is consumed for sociability and when it is deserved, for example after a work of determination to achieve one’s goals, it is and must remain joy without guilt. In short, on vacation the “cheating” is allowed, indeed, it is right that it is lived to the full, enjoying the moment in the company of the people around us.

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Do not fall into “do it yourself” diets

There are many fake news, the web and social networks are full of tips to lose weight in a very short time. And, even today, visiting patients are amazed at the truths that are not known.
It is therefore important to avoid “do-it-yourself” diets such as those that involve the reduction of carbohydrates or the elimination of fatty or harmful foods due to “hearsay”.
The exclusion of certain foods leads to nutritional imbalances and an insufficient daily calorie intake.
Another risk is that metabolism often tends to slow down as a self-defense mechanism. Reducing calories arbitrarily causes the body to react, in turn reducing energy consumption. So not only will you feel more and more tired, but the calorie deficit will no longer be sufficient for the elimination of fat.
Each person is different, has their own characteristics and needs. So starting a diet that was not designed for your body makes it bankrupt from the start.

Proper nutrition and change of habits: how to start

September is the “official month of good intentions”. The reason is simple: the holiday period has given us well-being and prompted us to rethink all those situations that we could improve to be calm and fit also during the rest of the year. It is certainly not surprising that, among the most shared projects, there are those that have to do with nutrition.
September, however, is also a month full of commitments, with the resumption of our daily routines often characterized by fast rhythms and too little time to dedicate to ourselves. So it happens that our good intentions, especially food ones, end up in a drawer and remain there until the following spring.
Instead, a couple of visits with a nutrition specialist are enough to understand what is the right direction towards health. It doesn’t always take a long way. Sometimes it takes very little to understand where it is wrong to eat and how to feel better, under the instructions of the professional. Furthermore, in most cases, there is no need to “go on a strict diet”, on the contrary, sometimes a few targeted tips are enough to initiate the change.

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At the MedicalPlan outpatient clinic, specialist visits with the nutritionist

Contact Medical Plan at 030-0948545 or to the email [email protected]
More information on the multi-specialist center of Capriolo at the website: www.medical-plan.it

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