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Losing weight, diet, health » Recipe ideas – Kitchen AI – Obesity preparations – “Shopping on the lawn”

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In addition to simple, calorie-optimized and sustainable recipe ideas, today there is an introduction to artificial kitchen intelligence, consequences of the development of new diabetes and obesity preparations and a commentary on “greenfield shopping” and the political failure of “doing nothing”.

Artificial kitchen intelligence – kitchen AI

According to experts, the social changes that we are likely to face with the ongoing development of artificial intelligence can be described as “epoch-making”, and what our descendants will face can only be imagined by a blooming imagination.

AI will also move into the kitchen, giving instructions for precise cooking, frying, baking and steaming, soon also controlling always-willing robots and, in a later phase, perhaps self-reflectively writing intermediate stages of a critique of the mythology of understanding and reason.

This is not my first “shelf-stable cheesecake in a jar”, ​​but my first one that is mainly made from quark Hafermilchbasis consists.

There are already “prescription apps” that are intended to “track” eating behavior – such nutritional advice functions can be expanded because recipe recommendations that are accepted supposedly have to be based on the habits and preferences of the user clients: The chances of… “opportunistic recommendations“Radical changes are nil. Instructions and control neither promote self-responsibility nor the ability to make independent decisions.
Although the world and the variety of edible goods on offer are large, e.g. B. sustainable tempeh is rarely mentioned. This will not change even with widespread diet patronization using all incorruptible AI.


A long, long “The Atlantic” article discussed the future of diabetes and obesity therapy in light of the new “GLP-1 receptor agonists.” Accordingly, there is a situation similar to that in 1920, when the cause of the disease “nutrition” was no longer investigated as a priority with the availability of insulin.

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Like insulin, GLP-1s target symptoms and require continuous medication; Side effects are “countered” with additional medications and so on. We know some of the effects of a nutritional medicine approach, but not so thoroughly, because an in-depth consultation would require in-depth, mutual consultation. For example, the fear of starving on a very low-carb diet is as real (and irrational) as few others.

Phantom hunger, “phantom vs. physical hunger” and “painful hunger” deserve more attention and consideration, determination and empathy than medication and AI can give.

The yellow color of this soup is due to paprika powder; Although it also contains “food coloring”, this preparation made from kohlrabi, potatoes and a teaspoon each of sesame oil and hemp oil is still very original. The special soup addition made from mildly fermented horseradish has the fantastic or imaginary property of neutralizing phantom hunger – potatoes, kohlrabi and oil definitely have a preventive effect on real hunger.

Natural remedies

Certain connections should be presented simply and not in a complicated manner; the following statement is exemplary in this respect:

If you want to lose weight, there is the side effect that fermented food prevents cravings because there are fewer harmful microorganisms in the intestines.

I also recommend taking the following link to heart:

New, old miracle cure for losing weight: the bitter gourd – also for diabetes and high cholesterol levels…

A lot of parsley, pureed in vegetable broth with long-soaked and steamed lentils makes a simple and good soup.

Surroundings and environment

“Shopping on greenfield sites” – that’s possible, and there is no shortage of car parking spaces, rather an oversupply. As in the Taunus, so on the Bergstrasse, construction measures and “service to citizens” lead to soil sealing and lasting damage.

The land consumption continues…

We condemn the destruction of jungle and biodiversity through conversion into soy plantations in Brazil as short-sighted. In Germany we prefer to have logistics centers and supermarkets on the highway, between the towns on greenfield sites. … [Hinzu kommen die Supermärkte an den Ortsrändern; hier: Wörsdorf]

Unbridled climate change is all-encompassing and brutal, causes the economy, ecology and health to crash, ends the freedom of our democratic society, is a social catastrophe and particularly threatens low-income earners. In contrast to the past, there is no legitimate opposing opinion today.

Without any sociological differentiation, one can say: We and our social environment are destroying the environment, because every car journey, e.g. B. for shopping, consumes energy and causes climate damage, proportionally a mite each, even if this is not a currently traded currency.

A touch of doing nothing

Four CSU department heads in a row (Peter Ramsauer, Alexander Dobrindt, Christian Schmidt, Andreas Scheuer) have done a great job through continued inaction. The current minister Volker Wissing (FDP) is no better; he also prefers to build motorways.

That the transport department also has suggestions, e.g. It is not known, for example, that the Ministry of Food was asked to ensure that unnecessary food-related journeys were avoided. Moderate speed, steady movement, safe cycling and perhaps one or two maglev ring routes – none.

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But 583 cars per 1,000 inhabitants That doesn’t mean that everyone is mobile now, but rather that the overall epidemic has arisen from many different aspects.

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