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Losing weight doesn’t work? These foods are absolute diet killers

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Losing weight doesn’t work?  These foods are absolute diet killers

Make you hungry again quickly: Be careful of “empty calories” – these foods are absolute diet killers

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There is no genetic engineering in the plant

But don’t worry: they are genetically modified

Certain foods taste good and fill you up for the moment. But only a short time later, hunger comes back. The result: We consume more unnecessary calories.

Would you like to lose a few pounds, but you don’t want to be hungry all the time? Then you should pay attention to what you eat.

Losing weight doesn’t work?

Because there are traps lurking everywhere: certain foods make you more hungry instead of filling you up. We’ll tell you which foods hide so-called “empty calories” and which will quickly make you hungry again…

1. Ready meals

We primarily associate glutamate with Chinese food. But the chemically produced flavor enhancer can also be found in many finished products. This blocks the body’s own appetite regulation and delays the onset of the feeling of satiety. The result: We eat more than we actually need because we feel hungry for longer.

2. Chips

Who doesn’t know this: Once the bag of chips has been opened, it’s quite difficult to stop nibbling until it’s completely emptied. Whether they are low-fat chips or products made from “real potatoes”, what they all have in common is that they contain strong flavor enhancers such as yeast extract. And that is pure poison for a diet! Your appetite is continually stimulated without feeling full – and you’ve consumed 500 calories in no time.

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3. White bread

Baguette, toast, rolls or pretzels – we all like them, especially for breakfast. Unfortunately, the products mostly consist of white flour. This means that all shell components and fiber are missing. Food is digested quickly, insulin levels rise quickly and then fall quickly. What happens? Shortly afterwards you are hungry again and reach for the next snack. An absolute diet killer!

4. Cornflakes

If we believe the advertising, a healthy breakfast includes various types of muesli and cornflakes. But the opposite is the case: most of these products contain a lot of sugar, which leads to fluctuations in blood sugar levels. It doesn’t take long before you feel like having a second breakfast.

The better alternative: prepare your own breakfast cereal. For example, mix oatmeal, fresh fruits and nutrient-rich nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts or cashews. You will see that not only will you start your day healthier, but you will also feel fuller for much longer.

5. Granola bars

Speaking of muesli: You should also avoid muesli bars. While the manufacturers entice you with power bars and promise that they will support your diet, they are usually high in sugar and contain a lot of calories because they are just a small snack between meals. Just snack on a handful of nuts, it’s healthier and more effective.

6. Fruit gummies

Of course, when the little ones scream “Dad, I’m hungry!”, it’s easy to give them gummy bears to calm them down quickly. But the children certainly won’t get full! The fruit gums consist mainly of sugar, even if the packaging says “vitamins” or “fruit content”. The blood sugar level starts its usual rollercoaster ride and within a very short time the screaming starts again.

7. Vegetable broth

On cold days, a hot vegetable broth can be worth its weight in gold, and it’s also low in calories. But don’t expect a lasting effect, because it travels through the digestive organs far too quickly, and hunger returns in no time.

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8. Fresh juices

Of course, freshly squeezed juices are healthy and delicious. But on top of that, they are high in calories and full of fructose. Unfortunately, this has the same effect as normal sugar. Fructose contains glucose, which causes your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. As soon as this drops again, you will feel hungry again. In addition, pressed juices lack the satiating plant fibers.

9. Light drinks

There are hardly any calories in Diet Coke, so is it all good? Not really. Because sweeteners only make a food taste sweet. They do not provide energy. Therefore, light products are not suitable for satisfying hunger.

10. Alcohol

If you want to be successful on a diet, you should never skip a full meal in favor of a beer after work. One beer quickly turns into two or three and on top of that you start craving greasy fast food or something similar. Alcohol causes a slight hypoglycemia in the body, causing our brain to send hunger signals.

What you should eat instead

But which foods fill us up sustainably and at the same time provide us with valuable nutrients? Favor foods rich in fiber such as

Legumes, vegetables and whole grain products.

Food rich in protein is the best way to satisfy your hunger, for example

lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy products and eggs.

The original for this article “Beware of “empty calories” – these foods are absolute diet killers” comes from Teleschau.

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