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Losing weight: Everyone does it – here’s how to avoid 10 bad diet mistakes

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Losing weight: Everyone does it – here’s how to avoid 10 bad diet mistakes

Despite exercise and diet, not much happens on the scales – many people who want to lose weight are familiar with the problem and know that it’s not that easy to lose a few pounds.

But what are the reasons for this? What are you doing wrong? The following top ten list shows the most common diet mistakes – and how you can easily avoid them.

1. Avoid overly strict diets

Some rely on more or less radical measures, such as crash diets, fasting diets or skipping dinner, in order to lose weight.

But extremes won’t get you to your goal: As soon as you try to lose a lot of weight quickly, you put your body on alert – and it then holds on to its reserves.

If he then receives larger amounts of food again after the diet, he begins to build up even more reserves in order to prepare for the next period of starvation: the classic yo-yo effect.

2. Don’t lose patience

Instead of taking radical measures, you should change your diet in the long term. This means being patient and sticking with it even if the scale stands still for a long period of time.

In order for the fat deposits to melt, the metabolism must first adapt to the new situation.

Weight stagnation is completely normal. The period varies from person to person, but it usually doesn’t last longer than a maximum of four weeks.

3. Don’t stare at the number on the scale too often

Another reason for weight stagnation can be the simultaneous loss of fat and buildup of muscle mass. Diet success cannot always be recognized by the scales.

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Instead, success could be measured by waist and hip circumference, so you should measure your body circumference regularly to see if you are getting closer to your goal.

A direct photo comparison before and during the diet also helps to visualize small successes.

4. Set realistic expectations

Don’t expect miracles! Those who avoid crash diets and change their sustainable diet to avoid the yo-yo effect lose weight more slowly.

Half a kilo per week is realistic and healthy. You can achieve this if you cut around 500 calories from your diet every day.

5. Eat enough – even when dieting

Eating too little is another common diet mistake. Because if you are constantly hungry, you will have cravings more often.

Instead, you should plan three to five small meals throughout the day and satisfy your hunger with low-calorie foods that keep you full for a long time thanks to fiber and protein.

These include, for example, all types of vegetables, legumes such as chickpeas or lentils, nuts and fish.

6. Take breaks between snacks

However, too many snacks are also counterproductive because they prevent fat burning from taking off.

So always make sure to take longer eating breaks of at least two to three hours.

7. Avoid diet products

On average, light products have around 30 percent fewer calories than the original. However, that doesn’t make them healthier. Instead of fat, light products often contain artificial flavors, sugar and sweeteners.

The diet will therefore in no way become healthier just because you replace the original products with the lighter version. There is a risk that you will eat more – because the products are so “light”.

So it’s better to avoid diet products altogether. Instead, as part of a change in diet, you should increasingly rely on natural, unprocessed foods.

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8. Carbohydrates in the evening are allowed

Many people who want to lose weight avoid carbohydrates in the evening to stimulate fat burning. Purely theoretically, that makes sense. But doing without also brings risks.

Completely avoiding carbohydrates can mess up your metabolism.

Nutrition experts recommend that you avoid carbohydrates three times a week in the evening. However, 50 percent of the diet should still consist of carbohydrates – ideally in the form of starchy vegetables, fruit and whole grain products.

9. Get enough sleep

Another aspect that can hinder your efforts to lose weight is sleep. People who are overtired and don’t sleep enough often eat significantly more.

For this reason, you should always make sure you get enough sleep. It should be seven to eight hours a day to keep stress levels low.

10. Move around in everyday life

To lose weight, it is not enough to eat less. If you want to become slimmer in the long term, you also need to exercise regularly. Because not exercising slows down your metabolism.

This means that the pounds cannot fall off as desired. You should sweat at least three times a week, preferably alternating between endurance and strength training.

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