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Lovecraft’s new horror adventure “Alien Cube” launches “The Alien Cube” on Steam today

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A new adventure developed by Alessandro Guzzo, the independent game team that launched The Land of Pain, will be available today. Players will explore a series of mysterious events.

Inheriting the spirit of “The Land of Pain”, “Alien Cube” is a Lovecraftian horror first-person adventure game. Players will play the role of lonely Arthur. After Edgar disappeared, a series of strange events began. Your surroundings are surrounded by hidden terrible secrets, and your uncle seems to play an important role in it? Players need to embark on a journey to find the truth and survive in the dark.

The story describes the protagonist waking up from a nightmare full of weird caves, mysterious symbols and sacrificial offerings. However, life is not very good. When he wakes up, he thinks of breaking up with his girlfriend Jenny, moving house, disappearing uncle and other realities. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and the protagonist received a letter from his uncle’s will. He left the apartment for you and warned you to throw away all his manuscripts, and the player got up and started looking for clues. This journey will allow you to unlock the answer. A terrible secret buried forever.

The new PC “Alien Cube” has been listed on the Steam platform.


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