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M5s exhibited at the Spoleto – Sanità hospital birth point

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M5s exhibited at the Spoleto – Sanità hospital birth point


(ANSA) – PERUGIA, FEBRUARY 18 – The 5 Star Movement has announced that it has presented a complaint “on the serious documentary shortcomings of the Umbria Region regarding the request for derogation from the Spoleto birth point”. The deed was filed with the Carabinieri in Rome by the Hon. Emma Pavanelli.

In a joint note with the regional councilor Thomas De Luca, the councilor for the Municipality of Spoleto Agnese Protasi and the councilors Samuele Bonanni and Enrico Morganti, the pentastellati exponents, in a note, underline that “the battle for the community of Spoleto and the reopening of the birth point of the San Matteo degli Infermi hospital goes on “. “The closure of a fundamental garrison for a vast area of ​​the Umbrian territory – they add – is simply unacceptable.

A precise political choice of the Umbria Region hidden behind a request for an exemption sent to the Ministry of Health attaching only partial documentation of the activities carried out by the birth point, not to mention that the numbers were certainly affected by the conversion into a Covid hospital during the pandemic. By closing a Birth Point, the Region eliminated a gynecology department that serves women of all ages and eliminated the pediatric department and doctors who should take care of newborns. An enormous damage to thousands of families forced to make long journeys of hope to go to other hospitals with the risk of running into some unpleasant emergency”. (ANSA).

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