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MABEWO PHYTOPHARM AG: Turnkey production plants for medicinal plants

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MABEWO PHYTOPHARM AG: Turnkey production plants for medicinal plants

For example, medicinal cannabis has proven helpful in pain management and certain chronic conditions. In more and more countries, cannabis flowers and cannabis extract can be prescribed as medicine to seriously ill people. The medical effect is based on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) – i.e. the ingredients of the plant. Uniformity and quality are crucial parameters for APIs.

High-tech cultivation for consistent pharmaceutical quality

There are basically three different cultivation systems for medical cannabis: field cultivation (outdoor cultivation), greenhouse cultivation and cultivation in closed rooms under artificial lighting and climate-controlled conditions (indoor cultivation). One requirement in the cultivation of medicinal plants is to generate uniform plants with the appropriate pharmaceutical quality. In all biological systems, the quality properties of medicinal plants depend on the factors of genotype and environment. Environmental factors essentially relate to light quality, light quantity, lighting duration, water and nutrient supply, temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration in the air.

With turnkey indoor plants for the production of medical cannabis, the Swiss MABEWO PHYTOPHARM AG offers standardized indoor growing compartments (IGC) as a prerequisite for the production and medical applications of plants, flowers and ingredients. The indoor growing compartments are designed as an indoor solution for installation in existing halls and buildings.

Optimal manufacturing process

The company has developed an optimal manufacturing process based on modeling to maximize the quality, safety and effectiveness of the products in the production and manufacturing process. The cultivation and processing of cannabis plants for medicinal purposes requires special care, since the quality and uniformity of the ingredients in the medicines are of crucial importance for the effectiveness of the products. dr Stefan Gall, Managing Director of MABEWO PHYTOPHARM, emphasizes that the requirements for medical cannabis in Europe are extremely demanding. There are various decisive factors, such as consistently high quality, hygiene, the absence of pesticides and the stability of the active ingredient content, which must be guaranteed.

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“We develop and build compartments, technology and sensors around this process specification,” explains Dr. Stephen Gall. Energy efficiency is also crucial for the economical operation of indoor plants for the cultivation of medicinal plants. By using standardized components, collecting measurement data from the operation of the systems and developing strategies, energy savings for the entire system are achieved.

In view of the increasing demand for cannabis plants in the medical industry, MABEWO PHYTOPHARM achieves the goal of the highest standards in terms of quality and process reliability in the manufacture of medicinal products. dr Stefan Gall explains that the indoor growing compartments with the tailor-made room-in-room solutions can be adapted to all local conditions or even set up in existing buildings within a few weeks.

Optimized and tested methods

The use of optimized and tested methods in the production process, the cultivation and processing of the plants is an essential factor for the quality of the end products. “The production process is based on both the starting material (cannabis plant) and the desired product (flower, isolate or API),” says Dr. Gall. MABEWO PHYTOPHARM AG calculates and plans an optimal sequence of process steps. “From cuttings production (in vitro) through the growth phase (GACP) to processing (extraction and packaging under GMP conditions), we create a detailed implementation plan, construction plans, specifications, schedules and budget,” explains Dr. Gall. As a full-service provider, the company assumes responsibility for purchasing components and materials, delivery, installation and commissioning. The turnkey systems are supplied with extensive documentation for any certification, for example according to ISO and GACP. Digital data management enables ongoing optimization of operations, particularly with regard to energy efficiency and security.

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Standardized production – modular and scalable innovative technologies

“The standardized production of medicines means that every step in the production process is precisely documented and monitored,” explains Dr. Gall. This ensures the highest standards of quality and consistency of ingredients to maximize product effectiveness. The company’s range of systems includes growth rooms, ancillary rooms and the necessary operating equipment, consisting of ventilation and air conditioning technology, irrigation and nutrient supply, lighting, control technology and data management. The modular and scalable innovative systems meet the highest standards so that the end product always has the desired potency, purity and quality. dr Gall explains that by modeling the optimal production and manufacturing process, the quality of the plants is maintained through maximum process uniformity. In addition, there is a high degree of traceability and economic efficiency is taken into account.

Highest quality and optimal conditions

dr Gall points out that another advantage of closed production facilities is the corresponding quality assurance system, with which the very high standard of hygiene can be maintained. The risk of contamination, the spread of plant pests and diseases is minimized, and the use of pesticides is reduced to a minimum or can be dispensed with altogether. Closed systems enable cultivation conditions to be completely independent of the climate, and all environmental factors can be measured and controlled in climate-controlled plant culture rooms. With this approach and the careful monitoring of the manufacturing process, the company is the market leader for innovative processes and technologies for indoor cultivation and processing of medical cannabis and herbal medicines. The use of high-tech enables standardized production with tolerable fluctuations in the range of ingredients in phytopharmaceuticals. This is valued worldwide and herbal medicinal products can thus enrich the medicinal treasury.

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MABEWO AG stands for sustainability. “Make a better world” invests in the future and develops innovative technologies to solve the greatest challenges of our time: climate protection, energy transition, resource conservation and food supply. Mr Jörg Trübl is a qualified environmental engineer and has more than 20 years of practical business experience in corporate management as a consultant, coach and CEO of SMEs in Europe.

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