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Macron, Mattarella and the unicorns that aren’t there

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Yesterday the President of the Republic spoke. To do this, he chose LinkedIn, the professional platform, where he has a profile with over two and a half million followers. He presented himself with a brand new black crew neck under a dark jacket. No tie and white shirt this time. He spoke for three minutes to share important news. A new unicorn, a startup that took off with a valuation of one billion euros.

It’s called Exotec, it deals with robotics and logistics, and in the next few years, the president said, it will make one thousand and five hundred hires. One thousand and five hundred jobs created, because that’s how the world works: startups are the biggest job creators. The occupation defends itself in this way. With Exotec, the president said, there are twenty-five unicorns in the country, the goal that he himself had set for 2025, therefore achieved three years in advance. A sign that investments pay off, that having believed in startups was not a mistake but rather it will be a driving force for the growth of the country.

The President of the Republic we are talking about was not Sergio Mattarella, unfortunately: it was Emmanuel Macron, who in a few years has transformed France into the European leader in terms of innovation and technology. A country for young people, a country with a future. In Italy last year investments in startups have finally grown a lot but they have also grown a lot in other countries so Italy’s gap from the top positions has even increased. It is no coincidence that we don’t even have a unicorn startup to celebrate at the Quirinale. Let’s hope that the next President of the Republic will be luckier.

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