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Made in Italy leader in micro-mobility

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What’s behind the historian agreement just signed between Pininfarina, Mt Distribution ed Helbiz? The triumph of made in Italy, because in fact technical skills and our design come together to define the future of electric urban mobility.

Pininfarina, a symbol of the elegance of Made in Italy worldwide, together with Mt Distribution, a company of Italian Motor Valley leader in the design and development of micro-mobility solutions, they now work on the same bench. And so the reality recognized worldwide in the panorama of urban electric mobility, thanks to the complete offer of electric scooters, e-bikes, e-scooters, accessories and spare parts, now has an exceptional partner, the car design giant.

All under the umbrella of Helbiz, the first micro-mobility sharing company (currently, after about three years it has 300 employees and is the leader of the Italian market with over 20% share in Europe) to start development in Italy. The first product resulting from the collaboration between the 3 companies is a scooter unveiled to the public during the year. A global project, with particular reference to Italy, Europe and the United States, which concerns all means of electric, green and shared micro-mobility. To understand, the entire fleet will have a family feeling with regards to design, making all vehicles unique and immediately recognizable.

On the other hand, Pininfarina, a global design house with offices in Italy, Germany, China and the United States, boasts an experience in mobility unique of its kind (Automotive and Transport, Industrial Design and User Experience) and in over 90 years it has specialized in the search for a family feeling with over 1200 automotive projects and over 600 in industrial design and architecture. The certainty that the scooter made with Mt Distribution it will be something unique there is all.

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