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Malaysia, gynecologist creates “the world’s first unisex condom”

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As did – “It’s a condom with an adhesive cover that attaches to the vagina or penis, as well as covering the adjacent area for extra protection,” Tang said. As for the material, the contraceptive is made of polyurethane, a material usually used to dress wounds, thin and flexible, but resistant and waterproof. Tang pointed out that the condom has passed several stages of research and clinical tests and will be available for purchase on the Wondaleaf company website from December. The gynecologist added that he hopes his invention will improve sexual health in his country.

Each box of Wondaleaf will contain two condoms and will cost around 3 euros. “Once you put it on, you don’t realize you have it,” Tang said referring to his invention and then added: “Based on the clinical studies we have conducted, I am quite optimistic that, over time, the condom will be a ‘significant addition to the numerous contraceptive methods used in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases “.

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