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“Males should say ‘I love you’ to their partners.” Giulia, insults and threats to her father and sister

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“Males should say ‘I love you’ to their partners.”  Giulia, insults and threats to her father and sister

They did not hate or raise their voices at anyone. They did not attack the executioner of Giulia, nor did they take it out as often happens with those in heaven or on earth. They amazed many, opening their hearts and reasoning, in the midst of the storm. Yet the Cecchettin family has not only received testimonies of affection and solidarity in return. But serious insults and threats. For this reason the family of Giulia Cecchettin presented the first two complaints to the Mestre Postal Police for insults on the web against the student killed by her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta and for the threats received. Gino Cecchettin’s lawyer, Stefano Tigani, filed a complaint for defamation with the Postal Police on behalf of the girl’s father, Gino Cecchettin, for the messages containing dozens of hateful phrases aimed at Giulia via the web. A second complaint for defamation was instead made by Elena, Giulia’s sister, against the regional councilor and former councilor of the Zaia list, Stefano Valdegamberi who in a post had written that Giulia’s sister «is making an ideological play and to what extent it seems he is part of a satanic cult and the images of violence that appear on his profile are eloquent.”

Gino Cecchettin from Fazio, Che Tempo Che Fa against the haters: «You suck»

Criticisms, insinuations, but above all insults and threats of hatred and even death to the father, which have never stopped: there are hundreds of unspeakable sentences that the family has received. For this reason, in the next few days Gino Cecchettin will present a new complaint to the Postal Police. «Any defamatory and denigrating activity carried out against Cecchettin and against his family will be promptly reacted by law» warns the lawyer. For Tigani, “it is frightening to have to see similar actions in a tragedy of this size and in the pain that this family is experiencing and it is therefore incumbent on Mr. Cecchettin to take every consequent initiative.” Harsh attacks from the keyboard lions who, in the fearful and cruel shadow offered by the vast range of the web, from social media to comments on media articles, targeted poor Giulia and their family members.

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Elena Cecchettin who attacked the “patriarchy” and tried, together with her father, to broaden the discussion to the too many victims of femicide, so that there are no more Julians to mourn, was targeted with insults and threats. She was accused of Satanism for her look, the photos on social media, for that Thrasher sweatshirt, which is one of the most famous skate magazines in the world based in San Francisco. Even Gino Cecchettin’s participation in Fabio Fazio’s show “Che Tempo Che Fa” unleashed the “haters” so much so that the editors of the show’s websites were forced to remove and close the comments. “Not sure if you or he are more disgusting,” wrote a follower. The response from the show’s social media manager was ready: “You”.
As always calm, constructive, Gino Cecchettin, armed with a surprising sweetness in the TV interview, sent a dry, immediate message to men: «Say I love you, I don’t love you, to your wife. But you have to say it now, in this moment.” And then: «In deep pain I tried to understand the causes that made me live this terrible adventure, where I went wrong».


Now his intent is to support his daughter Elena’s battle: «Give help to those who still have the possibility of saving themselves. I find myself fighting a battle that I wasn’t aware of before, I read about feminicides, I felt sorry, I moved on. But having experienced another drama a year ago (the death of his wife) I have changed as a man. Monica introduced me to the essence of love, I am no longer the same. Since then I started to have a different relationship with my children, telling them I love you.” As for the future: «We all have to do something, Elena gave a very clear message, she is a superior being as I jokingly call her in the family. She hit the point when I heard her talk about patriarchy, I only knew the word, she floored me. I will support her in her battles, her idea is to create a foundation, the problem is very serious and must be addressed in the most drastic way. Patriarchy means that there is a concept of possession, expressions like “my woman” seem harmless but no.” Begin to change from everyday life, Cecchettin’s invitation, pay attention «to the expressions we use every day. We are parents, we educate, we give messages, we talk, we try to recognize their weaknesses.” Her daughter will graduate in February, she announced. She then confessed: “A father feels certain things, I started crying Giulia on Sunday.” Now she wants «to be like Giulia, so I have eliminated hatred and anger. Even today I want to love, I don’t want to hate, it takes away energy. We will do everything to dance in the rain in honor of her.”

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