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Maneuver/ Unions: strike by doctors and veterinarians, clinics and markets closed on 18 December | Healthcare24

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Maneuver/ Unions: strike by doctors and veterinarians, clinics and markets closed on 18 December |  Healthcare24

“Stopping non-urgent health services, blocking slaughter, meat and fish markets and animal movements in the supply chain subjected to veterinary checks: there is no other way left to make the government react and make it adopt measures that do not worsen the already precarious conditions of the Italian public health“. This was stated by the union leaders Alessandro Vergallo (Aaroi-Emac), Roberta Di Turi (Fassid), Aldo Grasselli (Fvm) and Benedetto Magliozzi (Cisl doctors) announcing “a very hot month”.

“On 18 December – they underline – after many other protest demonstrations with reasons common to those of this Inter-union, such as the CGIL and UIL strike of 17 November and the CISL demonstration of 25, it will once again be the turn of our doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, psychologists, biologists and health managers, on this date represented by Aaroi-Emac, Fassid, Fvm fold their arms, blocking all services that are functional, therefore indispensable, for all other hospital and territorial services, including those of the food supply chain, in a strike in which the CISL doctors will also join, giving further follow-up to the mobilization, to intensify the protest by pressing the Government for the common requests on the 2024 Budget Law and for those on the employment contracts of healthcare personnel”. A sequence of initiatives aimed at maximizing attention and amplifying the protests, never seen so numerous and today more necessary than ever, to oppose a maneuver which, according to the unions, “is to the detriment of the public NHS, does not respond to the needs of healthcare personnel, winks at the private sector and, most serious of all, does not reduce a waiting list and does not protect the health of citizens. Our protest cannot be stopped by a “reverse amendment” on pensions, which it would only be a fictitious last minute sop after the Government had tried to plunder them. The Government listens to us and modifies the budget law. How it saved the banks from the levy on extra profits, find the courage to make the national health service which is the first bulwark against poverty, the isolation of the elderly, the decline in birth rates among young couples, the protection of families without work or with low income who cannot pay for treatment”.

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“The Government has total responsibility for the inconveniences that our strike will affect citizens, already suffering from long waiting lists, – the unions further state –. This factual responsibility has the meaning of political irresponsibility whose contours must be known to the population of our country who we are sure will understand that our mobilization concerns them closely since its primary objective is the defense of a public NHS already on the brink of the precipice. A fundamental structure of our society both on a social and economic plan which is further put at risk by the Budget Law that we contest”.

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