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Mantua, ok on the underpass level between Itis and the Sguaitzer gym

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Mantua, ok on the underpass level between Itis and the Sguaitzer gym

Green light from the junta for the definitive project for one million and 920 thousand euros of the Borgochiesanuova underpass and the redevelopment of the external areas drawn up by the Pivetta studio of Verona. The underpass will be used to cross the Verona-Modena railway line and to allow the connection between the public car park, located to the east on the front of the Enrico Fermi Institute, with the western area of ​​the railway, where the new Sguaitzer sports hall stands. The underpass will be perfectly perpendicular to the railway line, will have a height of three meters and a length of eighteen. On the sides of the underpass there will be two flights of stairs and two elevating platforms which will allow access for the disabled and people on bicycles.

A functional lighting system is provided for the entire underpass and the cycle/pedestrian path, even in the evening. Particular attention was paid to the lighting inside the underpass to ensure user safety. A video surveillance system will also be installed. On the west side, or that of Borgochiesanuova, where the gymnasium is located, the construction of a parking lot alongside the railway is planned for citizens and users of the services present in the district: gymnasium, railway station and school. The time schedule provides for the drafting of the executive project within thirty days, which will be followed by the tender and the assignment of the works. The interventions for the construction of the work will last approximately 365 days.

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«The construction of the Borgochiesanuova underpass – said the Councilor for Public Works Nicola Martinelli – represents a strategic work that will allow the safe connection of the Borgochiesanuova district with the Fermi institute, the railway station and the Due Pini district. But the work acquires even more strategic value if one thinks of the overall development of the whole area which will provide for a real transformation: from the recovery of the housing in via Gaber, to private interventions, up to the construction of new school volumes by the Province» .

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