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Mara Venier, precarious health: this is what the doctors say

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Problems again for poor Mara Venier. In the past few days she ended up in the hospital again. Here’s what happened to the host.

Mara Venier – Donnapress.it

The historical presenter of Domenica In is about to reach the end of this experience, and probably also of the experience in television in general. The time has come for her to rest and disconnect with the pressing life of a TV presenter.

In fact lately he also had some health problems so you should concern. Suffered a surgery due to an implant that had caused her to lose sensation in her face. He also said he faced the depression.

Lately Mara he also had a bad fall right in the studio, during commercials. It wasn’t a walk, but therethe host decided to interview the following guest all the same, although he was obviously in trouble.

Mara Venier falls during the advertisement, in the hospital for tests

First of all Mara began by reassuring her husband Nicola, that otherwise he would have been very worried to see her in those conditions. She got a hit on the head that caused a bump.

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Pierpaolo Pretelli
Mara and Pierpaolo Pretelli – Donnapress.it

He also took a big blow to the foot. We do not know the dynamics of the accident, but she must have hurt herself. The presenter has decided to go on with the program for a while longer, even if then he finished a quarter of an hour early.

In the hospital he made some tests, communicating positive results. However has a bruise in an area where he had already suffered a trauma some time ago. It could have been worse, now the host is much better. Nobody can defeat it.

Sunday In
Mara’s bump – Donnapress.it

Maybe he’ll have to live with the bump for a couple more days, but it certainly wasn’t anything serious, it could have been worse. We can all breathe a deep sigh of relief, hoping that Mara won’t get injured anymore.

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