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Marè (Mefop), the needs for care and those for non-self-sufficiency are growing – Healthcare

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Marè (Mefop), the needs for care and those for non-self-sufficiency are growing – Healthcare

Avoid a two-tier system in healthcare and review the financing mechanisms of the NHS, in a context of growth in new care needs and changes in the demographic structure of the country. These are some of the topics covered at the first Healthcare Summit organized by Mefop Spa as part of the “Agorà Mefop Welfare” project. The reports from Mefop and the numerous stakeholders present focused on the model of integration between public and private, starting from the interesting data emerging from the latest fact-finding investigations promoted by Mefop.
As stated by President Mauro Marè, the perception of healthcare needs has grown significantly in recent years; Italian citizens are worried about their health and that of their family; among the various needs, that of socio-health protection and non-self-sufficiency emerges strongly.
In addition to the concerns of Italians, the needs for care and the use of private coverage are also growing, especially for specialist visits, diagnostics and dentistry. In this context, however, there is still a lack of solid reference legislation and “doing nothing is no longer possible”, states Mauro Marè, “if we do not intervene to innovate the integration model, there is a high risk of a two-level system, in which at the large, more costly risks are left to the public sector and the private sector could specialize in the more profitable and less risky tuition costs”. The event was an opportunity to give space to the voices of operators from health funds, companies and various health providers. Present at an institutional level were Senator Francesco Zaffini, President of the Permanent Commission on Social Affairs, Health, Public and Private Work, Social Security, Senator Daniele Manca, member of the Fifth Permanent Budget Commission, Fabio Pammolli, Advisor to the Minister of Economy and Finance and Americo Cicchetti, Director General of Health Planning of the Ministry of Health.

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