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María Castellano: A Pioneer in Research on Violence Against Women in Spain

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María Castellano: A Pioneer in Research on Violence Against Women in Spain

María Castellano, the first professor of Medicine in Spain, has been recognized for her pioneering research on violence against women. In an interview with EFE on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Castellano shared her journey into Legal Medicine and how she has contributed to identifying victims of gender violence.

During the 70s and 80s, gender violence was not widely acknowledged as a specific issue. Castellano and her colleagues began to investigate complaints from women towards their partners, highlighting the psychological damage that victims were experiencing alongside physical injuries. The environment for reporting such violence was hostile, with victims often discouraged from speaking out by authorities and even their own families. Many victims felt pressured to remain silent or denied the violence altogether to avoid conflict.

Castellano emphasized the importance of understanding the aggressor to gauge the level of danger posed to victims. She traveled to different towns to investigate complaints and provided valuable information to legislators to improve laws related to gender violence. She stressed the need for equality education from childhood to combat sexist violence, especially in today’s age where social media can be used as a tool for intimidation.

As the 8th of March approaches, Castellano looks up to the grandmothers and mothers who paved the way for women’s education, as well as trailblazers like Margarita Salas and Marie Curie. She proudly displays awards received for her contributions to the field of Legal Medicine and her groundbreaking work with genetic-molecular marker techniques in crime scenes.

Castellano’s dedication to empowering women and advocating for victims of gender violence serves as an inspiration for future generations in the fight for equality and justice.

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