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Massacre, Milani: “This crowded square claims the right to the truth”

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The unquenchable thirst for truth and justice, the need to remember, but also the need to commemorate the victims and cling once again to their families from whom, that tragic morning 49 years ago, a piece of the world was torn away. These are the themes that have been reiterated this morning in Piazza Loggia and in Vanvitelliano, theater of initiatives dedicated to the commemoration of the massacre of 28 May 1974.

Inevitable in the square the presence of Manlio Milani, president of Casa della Memoria, who stated: «Piazza Loggia is all here and has the strength to want to remember, but its presence wants to claim the right to continue to know. And to have a memory that can go back to those years to make us understand what happened, who helped perpetrators and other people go unpunished because this is a memory that we need to understand our present».

«The square was full today – echoed the mayor Laura Castelletti – because the city feels this story deeply on its skin. There is always the search for truth and justice, but there is also the desire to once again wrap family members and those in the square in the square in an embrace».

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Speeches by Giorgio Graziani and Giuseppe Bonelli

On the exclusion of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers from the preliminary hearing against Roberto Zorzi, in the context of the investigation into the alleged perpetrators of the massacre in Piazza Loggia, Giorgio Graziani, national secretary of the CISL intervened: «There are no excuses. The Government had and must recover because cohesion is at stake, it depends on the ability to search for the truth through the Judiciary which led to important sentences. The reconstruction of a memory must allow us to keep the Brescian community and also the country community together».

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Finally, in the Vanvitelliano hall, which overlooks the square, as part of the readings with musical accompaniment by Renato Bertelli, Giuseppe Bonelli, director of the territorial school office: «For us at school it is essential to keep alive the memory and study of these Thracian events, so that they act as a warning and that they help our children to acquire full citizenship.

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