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Mattarella spurs the EU: ‘Prehistoric rules on migrants’ – Politics

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Mattarella spurs the EU: ‘Prehistoric rules on migrants’ – Politics

Prehistoric norms”. Sergio Mattarella could not have been clearer in asking the European Union for a snap to deal with the immigration emergency in a coordinated manner. He did it from Warsaw, a country like Italy grappling with waves of illegal entries that worry the government and frighten public opinion. Like those that Belarus cyclically pours into Polish territory. The President of the Republic, in his appeal to the 27, refers in particular to the famous Dublin Treaty which regulates the so-called “first reception”. A legislative dinosaur no longer in step with the times: just remember that it was even conceived at the end of the 80s when the proportions of these mass migrations were not even conceivable. For some time the head of state has been spending time on a reform of the treaty but today in Warsaw he found a complete consonance of views that prompted him to raise his tone: “what is happening on the front of migratory flows, with the large turnout not only in Italy, it requires that the problem be tackled together, as a problem of the European Union because the EU can do it with coordinated action. We need a new asylum policy to overcome old rules that are now prehistoric”, he articulated after a very long conversation with Polish President Duda.

Migrants, Mattarella: ‘The EU should go beyond prehistoric norms’

Who, in turn, had anticipated the meaning of the conversation: “Italy is making a huge effort on migration and we too have this problem. We expect greater support, greater understanding from the European Commission and more decisive initiatives from the EU”, he said speaking of full agreement with the Italian positions. Words, those of Mattarella, which, although in line with his thoughts, today make the center-right rejoice, which in Parliament is launching tough measures that go towards the abolition of the instrument of “special protection”. I hope that between Brussels, Berlin and Paris we will move from words to deeds”, replied Matteo Salvini to those who asked him for a comment on the president’s words. The group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber Tommaso Foti was much more explicit: ” what will the Democratic Party and the whole left say now, now that the head of state has rightly pointed out, within the scope of his prerogatives,

this serious problem?”. With the migration parenthesis over, the highlight of the conversation with President Duda, however, was the war in Ukraine and the need not to weaken the military commitment of the West right now. And Mattarella dictated this issue too the line using unequivocal concepts that bring out all the indignation of the president after the latest images and news of the cruelty underway in neighboring Ukraine: “We are horrified by some inhuman behaviors that are used in the war by the Russian armed forces, hitting targets and infrastructures civilians, in a way that makes the aggression even crueler,” he said, evoking bloody acts such as the cutting off of prisoners’ heads and rumors that the Wagner brigade also had children killed. Wagner’s semi-private militias they are also very dangerous on the African continent, adds the president, explaining how many “destabilizing initiatives” are being carried out in Africa, starting from Sudan but not only. So the thread between migrants, the war in Ukraine and Russia is dangerously linked: this is why there is a need today more than ever for “great European cohesion”. This is why Italy “will continue to support Ukraine from every point of view”, starting from the military one, “against any imperialist impulse resulting from nationalistic exasperations”.

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Warsaw, Mattarella lays a wreath at the chapel of the Unknown Soldier

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