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Maturity, Mastroianni: “My book among the tracks? Sensitivity to digital life is growing”

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Maturity, Mastroianni: “My book among the tracks? Sensitivity to digital life is growing”

“Living in a hyper-connected world means that every person has, in fact, a kind of augmented identity, it is necessary to learn to manage oneself not only in real life but also in the virtual one without interruption …”. Among the traces of critical reflection (type C), an excerpt from the essay “Tieniloicata.” has been proposed for the first test of Italian today. Post, comment, share without turning off your brain “published by Longanesi in 2018 and signed by the socio-linguist Vera Gheno and the philosopher and journalist Bruno Mastroianni. The authors, two of the most well-known protagonists of the current debate on digital culture despite the related areas of interest, discuss in that volume how to build and manage one’s online reputation in a careful and conscious way.

The students were therefore asked whether in their studies they had the opportunity to address these issues and reflect on the potential and risks of the hyper-connected world. They were also asked to argue their point of view also in reference to digital citizenship, based on their experiences, their habits and their sensitivity.

Mastroianni: “A double emotion to be among the traces of maturity”

“For me it is a double emotion. The first is personal, that of finding myself next to great authors and giants with whom I am not in the least worthy of sharing the track sheet – explains Mastroianni to Italian Tech – the second is of a cultural nature: to see that at maturity the theme of management of meanings and relationships in the digital world seems to me to be an important signal for a training course in which it is evidently growing sensitivity to the digital sphere of citizens “.

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As for the specifics of the track, however, the song talks about the fact that we are permanently connected to the internet and to the platforms that populate it even when we don’t want it: “It is now a human condition, no one can really get out of it – he adds. Mastroianni – in the book, among other things, we talk about how much this affects the presentation of ourselves. It is really very nice that they proposed to the young people of think about how we present ourselves online and how much this augmented identity revolves around the quality of the continuous acts of communication in which we engage every day: contents, phrases, images that remain permanently online and that cross contexts, that is, they never have a truly defined audience. I therefore find it very useful for those who are high school to reflect on it: we need to understand that it is a dimension to be cultivated from an early age precisely in order to build meaningful relationships and not destroy them “.

In fact, within these reflections there is also a discourse linked to hate speech, that is to hate speech, and to the polarization to which social networks lead us almost by nature, that is, for how they are designed: ” ‘is the great theme of reputation. Today each of us is a small public figure who sends signals on the image of him through digital platforms. Signs that can have a positive or negative effect on his reputation. For homo sapiens it is an epochal change of scenery: until a few years ago we were used to being able to divide private life from public presence much more easily. And the latter also took place in more circumscribed and controllable environments. Instead, each of us today has a very intense and greatly amplified digital public life and it is good from a very young age to think about what we do with ourselves and how we build that identity “.

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