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Me, a family doctor dealing with my no vax patients

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Those who are simply afraid: they are the majority and constitute the main basin in which to work to make convincing work. Those who are against any type of vaccination: accustomed to resorting to every expedient and using every possible loophole to free the offspring from legal obligations, they are happy to make their experience available to deniers. Those who are opposed to impositions of any kind: they say that in practice the vaccine is mandatory because any continuous activity would be precluded. Those who fear negative repercussions for their work and those who are against it in principle. The no-vax people are diverse and wander like an iceberg in society.

Valeria, just turned forty, a high school language teacher, comes to ask me for a certificate of exemption for health reasons. Fashionable, with piercings and tattoos in sight, but discreet. “Madam – I answer – you are well documented, so you should know that the only contraindication to the vaccine is the history of severe allergic reactions to the vaccine itself or to its excipients. There is no disease or therapy that constitutes a real obstacle to vaccination. . He should be more afraid of the twenty cigarettes he smokes every day. With those he is doing certain damage to his health. Take that into account. The vaccine rarely causes serious side effects, while on the other side of the scale there is a immediate benefit for you and for the community “. “Doctor, I am not convinced. It is not so much for the fear of the vaccine. I hate any imposition. I live this story as an abuse of power. I want to be free to decide and to move …”. “Also free – I interrupt her – to infect her grandmother, for example, and decree its end?”. “But does it seem right that I have to swab every other day to continue working? Do you know how much I spend?”

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Covid, Fauci: “Concerned by skeptics and No Vax, the third dose is a good idea”

by Gabriele Beccaria

Not all of my no-vax patients are as tough as Mrs. Valeria, fortunately. The arguments that have not made its way into her have convinced many. Others found the right reassurance in the fact that it was I, the family doctor, who administered the vaccine dose and that they could stay in the study for the time necessary to avoid the possibility of an immediate reaction. Another person willing to spend a fortune on tampons is Paolo, a health worker: “It is the lobby of the pharmaceutical companies that pushes for vaccines. The economic power is in their hands. The governments can only support them. You saw how it is. the turnover of the companies involved in the last year has risen? And how have they corrected their business strategy? They are making big money on our skin. Who knows what evil concoction is contained in the vials. The first thing written on the leaflet is that you do not know the distant effects of the vaccine. Is all this normal? I am terrified of having that liquid injected myself. I feel, indeed I am sure, that something very bad would happen to me “.

In the head of a no vax: how distrust in science arises

by Guido Giovanardi, Vittorio Lingiardi

Paolo has an infallible memory in listing all the adverse events that occurred during the vaccination campaign, not separated from the ability to make many events of dubious interpretation converge on his theses. “And even if the episodes you remembered – I answer – were to be attributed to the harmful action of the vaccine, we would be faced with a percentage of risk similar to that of any drug. Then you should never take drugs because it could incur in the most dangerous side effects. And then look at how the epidemic has changed with the advent of the vaccine. Under the age of seventy, those affected by Covid are almost never severely affected, indeed very often asymptomatic, and the deaths are largely made up of unvaccinated subjects “.

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Maga (Cnr): “Dear no-vax, only research will save us. From Covid as well as from cancer”

by Donatella Zorzetto

Every now and then we return to the subject. It seems that terror has faded into fear, but it is not worth spending too much time on diehards. There is a wide range of undecided people waiting for their doctor’s word to say yes: a personal invitation, a friendly advice. The regret is that there is no time to extend the search for the unvaccinated. The epidemic has quintupled our workload. If before we had a weekly contact with one hundred patients, now we assist, directly or by telephone, about five hundred. We add the vaccination sessions (now also those of the flu and others), the swabs to be requested and registered, all the certificates relating to Covid, the green passes to download. The pandemic is a hurricane that has brought turmoil everywhere and every single citizen has a question for their doctor. All of us, family doctors, are working in an emergency, barely managing to carry out the urgent daily work, while the postponable one feeds a backlog that is difficult to clear up. We run without thinking, without reflecting on what we have been and what we are becoming. This is why the regret of not being able to do more in the enrollment of the first doses is strong. An invitation from the trusted doctor, which is added to the appeal of Minister Speranza and that of President Mattarella, often turns into a peremptory call.

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