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Me and my son’s favorite influencers

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Me and my son’s favorite influencers

Every week a new survey comes out that certifies at what age our children have a cell phone in their hands. Always first. In elementary school. In reality, investigations wouldn’t even be needed, just look around. One in two children has their own smartphone.

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Do you want to be an influencer? Then you have to go to school

by Emanuele Capone

03 Maggio 2022

The surveys, however, serve to understand the reasons: why do we parents always give in first? The answer in this case helps: because this is how we can always call them, because this is how they can always call us. However, this is not true: if the purpose were only telephone availability, it would be enough to give them an old mobile phone, one that, in fact, only makes phone calls (there are excellent ones for twenty euros). And instead we give them a smartphone which, as is well known, is not a smart phone but a gateway to the web and social networks: it is as if we were exposing our still young children to the outside world. To protect them, there are several tools that limit their navigation.

E-commerce, goal: conquer generation Z

by Antonio Calitri

02 Maggio 2022

And even when they work, and therefore dangerous or inappropriate content is precluded, the same happens that children, or teenagers, have access to an almost infinite amount of information. For example, for a while with my 12-year-old son I have been competing with his favorite influencers who tell him, among other things, what to eat to stay fit, how to train, and also at what temperature to shower (freezing, boh). It is an unequal challenge: the influencer is influential, he says things well, with nice videos, he is very credible. But it is a game that you cannot give up playing. Not forbidding, which makes little sense, but speaking. Reasoning with them. When I was my son’s age, at most I had a comic book available to inform me. He has the world. If we stay close to them, these kids will one day be able to do wonderful things.

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